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@Casanova: Mm, yes. Emotionally abusive and manipulative... Terrible sitch for Lu or anyone to be in...
Hard to say why it's sometimes easier to believe the hurtful, harmful things other say about us, rather than the kind affirmations of those who care most about us...
@shinyumbreon888: They go to doctors when they're sick, though they may go to a doctor that specializes in their species if they have specific needs.

And yes, many do have pets. Their chosen pet depends on the person of course. Some feel a special bond with animals similar to their own species, but as you've hinted at, others feel uncomfortable with the idea.
@shinyumbreon888: Ok, I think I fixed it. You may need to refresh or clear your cache. Thanks again. ^_^; Been updating the site so, if you notice anything else off, don't hesitate to point it out!
@shinyumbreon888: Yikes! Thank you for catching that! I'll have that fixed real quick!
@Casanova: Glad you appreciate that stylistic choice. 😊
As for expulsion, it depends on what he was actually guilty of, and also whether he even went to the same school.
@Mardozer: 😲 Maybe just a tad. 😅
@Douglas Collier: Mm, yes. Nothing quite like tragedy to reveal ones true colors... for better or for worse.
Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving. I sure did! Kind of a bummer to follow it with a comic page that's a bit of a downer though... :<

By the way, I'm in the process of updating the website. Please let me know if anything appears to not be working, of if it just looks bad. Feel free to leave a comment, or email me at
@Mardozer: Oh they're pretty basic.
Thou shalt have no other date before thy current date.
Thou shalt not make any graven image of thy previous dates.
Thou shalt not steal thy roommate's date.
@Ryker Malone: It is a bit more than Dil signed up for! 😅
@Casanova: Woot! Score, haha! 😁
@bscruffy: Thank you. Sorry to hear about your dad, but I get what you mean. Cancer is a terrible disease, and yet it also has a way of bringing people together. Kinda weird to think about, but I'm grateful for the happy moments we've had, be even in the midst of sadness.
@Aldred: Thank you! I try to get the expressions right, especially when they're talking about important and personal things.
"RM" means "Returned Missionary," or someone who completed a full-time mission for the Church. It's a big deal in Mormon culture. And sadly, there is often a stigma associated with not having served. But of course, while young men in the Church are strongly encouraged to serve, those who choose not to have reasons as varied as the individuals themselves.

Anyhoo, I quite like how I was able to fill the page a lot more on this one.
@Mardozer: "Same Aww, Feathers! time, same Aww, Feathers! channel!"
@Aldred: Thanks a lot! Yup been a year already... Phew!
And I hope you enjoyed rereading the story! I know I like to from time to time (though I'm biased of course!)
And no worries, your English is very good. 🙂
@Aldred: Ah, good guess! But there's a different reason Dil looks so different from his parents. You can find out in the "Over Breakfast" chapter:
I believe I mentioned before that a "mission" refers to a religious proselyting mission in the LDS Church. However, there are also "service missions" where, instead of preaching, members volunteer their time for humanitarian purposes.

By the way, I've just opened up for guest comics again! Click here for details!
@Aldred: Oh, the login to leave a comment?
I'm not sure if I can change that; it's how Smackjeeves' comment system works. But I could look into it. Thanks for the feedback. :-)