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@Aldred: Oh sure. Sorry if it isn't clear. ^^;
Kraal's adviser at school has been trying to contact him. Kraal thinks it's because they need to have a meeting to discuss his graduation from school. But in reality, it would seem he's not ready to graduate yet...
You ever have one of these moments? One of those, "Hey man, why you gotta pull the rug out from under me like that??" moments? If you haven't, look out, cuz man...

A lot of dialogue in this one... Does the reading order make sense to you guys? If you're unsure, check the transcript below the comic. I'm always looking for ways to improve clarity.
@Mardozer: Oh no, no bother at all. ^_^ Mainly it's the legs I think... legs are hard for me to get right. And it just so happens that if a character is wearing a dress or something similar, the legs are hidden (or mostly hidden) so it's easier to draw, haha! Just another thing I need more practice on I suppose.
@Mardozer: It's like a skirt, worn by Polynesian and other Oceanic peoples:
Thank you both for the perfectly timed segway! ^_^
Wait... who's this guy? I swear he looks familiar...

Oh, and please welcome Nova Nocturne in the last panel! She's submitted a couple guest comics in the past, but this is her first cameo appearance! Btw, there's always room for more; head over to to find out how to see yourself in a future page!

Nrrrrgg!! Have I mentioned lately how much I hate drawing pants?? I'm legit tempted to just make everyone wear a dress, kilt, robe, or lava-lava from now on...
@Scott Sterling: Well done good sir! Have a biscuit! 🍪
@Ryker Malone: Plumed basilisk actually, but that's almost the same thing. ;-)
Been a while since we've seen Ine's mom, hasn't it?

There's been a couple hints throughout the comic that Ine isn't cold-blooded, in spite of being a lizard. Now you know why. What else are you curious about? :-)
@Mardozer: Never pass up an opportunity. ;-)
@Casanova: Yusssss! >:D
@Mardozer: Oh, it's the Daniel Boone theme song!
It's an old song. Really old. Like before my time even.
@Ryker Malone: At this point in the comic, it is almost winter. I know, time is weird. :P
@Mardozer: *Sings* Daniel Coon was a fur. Yes a big fur!
Oh Chris. You tricksy pupper you! But what a shot to end the chapter on, eh? Awwww... n_____n

Did anyone celebrate Pioneer Day yesterday? I'm curious how many do, if any, outside of Utah. Anyway, there's a few days left to grab the Pioneer Day postcard over on Patreon!
@texan1972: Good clean fun. ;-)
@Ryker Malone: Well, they could all use a shower right about now...
@Triforce Fandom : Hehe, not THIS time. ;-)
@Potato: Thank you! ^v^ I think it's one of my favorites as well. The action poses were fun to do, and so was splattering everyone with mud, haha!
This is the funnest page I've done in a long time! :D Even though it meant missing last week's update, I'm glad I didn't try to rush this one. Thank you for your patience. I think it was worth it!

This page once again features Scarbo Sheep and Sgt. Wolf as cameo appearances! (They were on the last page as well.) If you're interested in getting your own cameo in a future page of the comic as well as a few other nifty perks, check out Aww, Feathers! on Patreon!