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@shinyumbreon888: I'm not offended. 😄 I have many friends who are atheist. We respect each other's beliefs and try our best to be good people to each other and others around us. And occasionally engage in thought-provoking discussions, but all with the objective of learning from one another. That's the way I think it ought to be between folks of differing opinions. 👍
@Casanova, @shinyumbreon888: Repent, sinners!! Oh wait, you said NOT preachy... um, er... Have a cookie? 🍪😅
Seems Lia chose not to reveal everything about herself. But then, they have only known each other for a little while.

There's just under three weeks left of the Indiegogo campaign for Book 2! Please take a moment to check it out and consider preordering the book at!
@Casanova: Hehe, yup! Thanks for the entry!
@Skybox: 😝
@Skybox: Ha! That's exactly how I feel about coffee! 😆 Love the smell, hate the taste.
I actually had a high school coach once who told us to never drink coffee because it would tan the lining of our stomach, which would affect our ability to absorb nutrients, and therefore our performance. While I've never found anything that confirms this, I have seen plenty of articles over the years either extolling the benefits or warning of the downsides of drinking coffee. We seem to have a complicated relationship with the beverage. 😆 I'll stick with my hot coco and mint tea, thanks. ☕🍫

Aww, Feathers! Book 2 has been successfully funded! But we've got several stretch goals planned! Reserve your own copy at and help us reach them!
@RiitheWordsmith: I guess a personal trainer is sort of like a mom, except motivated by money instead of love and affection. 😆
@Mardozer: *Michelle gives you the judgement stare* 😒
@RiitheWordsmith: Imagine what it must be like to have your personal trainer also be your roommate! 😆
@Casanova: Lol! I dunno, I'm not a typographer. But I do think that style of g looks good on that font. I am biased though. 😄
@Skybox: Ha, awesome! Glad you've enjoyed it! 😊
@Ryker Malone: I know, I guess I was feeling a little edgy. 😜
@Mardozer: Pralines and cream is my top favorite ice cream flavor! Haven't tried it with toasted crickets though... I might have to remedy that. 😋
That's one of the occupational hazzards of being a trickster. Occasionally, what goes around comes around.

So now you know what I've been working on for the past while. The first book came out a couple years ago, and now we're finally for Book 2! Starting on Monday, you'll be able to support it on Indiegogo by visiting! (Until then, it will just redirect you to this page.)

If you missed out on the first book, there's an opportunity to get a copy of that one as well (then you can see what Ine was talking about!)

Please help spread the word about the campaign. It would be great if we could reach our goal and as many of our stretch goals as possible, as quickly as possible! Also, the success of the campaign is one of the things that will, in large part, determine how much time I am able to devote to the comic in the future. So by backing this project, you'll not only get some fun rewards, you'll be supporting the future of this comic!

Thank you all for your patience while I've been busy putting this together! Normal Tuesday story updates will run during the campaign. The new chapter starts on June 5th!
@Aldred: I do appreciate that about my readers as well. 😊 Y'all are classy!
@bscruffy: Wahaha! I love it!
Ah man... Sweetie Dino, you are just too pure for this world! ❤️
@bscruffy: Oooh, a pounce couch! Dil would probably love that idea! (Maybe too much? Lol!)
@Aldred: Fair point! I guess there's some crossover in requisite skills!