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@Mardozer: Ah, so transient royalty. 😂
@Mardozer: Are we in the presence of royalty? 😁🕹ī¸
@Sky: Oh good! 😅 Welcome back!
And that's a wrap! You're not useless after all, Kraal! ...Wow. Talk about a runner up for worst compliment ever. "You're not useless!" XD

Thanks once again so much to Brien Sparling for this top-notch guest story. And thank you all once again for reading! I do have one more guest comic from another artist lined up next week. A new official chapter of Aww, Feathers! begins the week after that!
Mmhmm. Yeah. Oh yeah, I know some of these words! Also, poor Teko is getting grilled. But maybe there's a light at the end of the tunnel...

This is the 4th page of the guest story by Brien Sparling!
I love that second panel so much! You have no idea! :D

Page 3 of Brien Sparling's guest story.
That's the problem with "Works On My Machine" Certification.

Page 2 of Brien Sparling's guest story. More to come!
I'd like to give a warm welcome back to Brien Sparling for his third guest story for Aww, Feathers! In case you're wondering, there was no official guest comic event this time, but he offered to do a chapter for an idea he had, and I'm really excited for it because as always, he's done a stellar job! (It's also a huge help for me, because it'll give me some time to rebuild my comic buffer!) So I hope you enjoy it, because it's really well done!
@Kiba122: Yeeup, sounds familiar. 😆
@Dmaster: If you do ever get hitched, pay close attention to the marriage vows. Something about, "in sickness and in health, in coldness and in warmth..."
@Casanova: Heh, no the one whose back is to us is his dad. Ine's the one reclining with his eyes closed.
@Kiba122: Free ORGANIC slushies! Even better! 😆
@Kiba122: Ha, yeah. We had a bit of snow, but then it rained and it all turned to slush. >w<
My office is probably the coldest room in the house, so my extremities do tend to get chilly when I've been in there all day!
When you're married, you share everything. Including body warmth! ❄ Also, a very Happy New year to you all! 🎊
No, but seriously. If you feel too warm, sit a little higher out of the water. Get cold, sink lower. Perfection! Also, this is the first time we've seen Ine, his brother, and his dad together on the same page. All three feather-heads!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have been enjoying the snow! (The places that received snow, that is.) Over the next few weeks there will be some mini-comics. The next chapter will begin following that.
@bscruffy: Thank you kindly! Same to you and yours!
@A T: She decided to put what Michelle said on the previous page to the test!
@Mardozer: I'll get the popcorn... đŸŋ
BY THE WAY!! Next week's comic update will be posted a day later than usual, on Wednesday, DECEMBER 26th while I celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my family. May you all have a safe and blessed holiday season!