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@PossumFlavored: So glad you've enjoyed it so far! :D Hope to see you again!

And phew! I don't think I've ever experienced a winter that was quite that cold! In fact, our winters here in Utah have been rather mild the past few years it seems.
@PossumFlavored: I definitely needed it!!! (And then some, lol!)
@PossumFlavored: Oh, thank you! ^v^ I'm quite fond of it myself. The artist did a good job!
@PossumFlavored: Right! He learned his lesson already, lol!
@PossumFlavored: Yeah, totally. Computer programmers even have a name for it: rubber-ducking! (The idea being that you explain things to a rubber duck or some other inanimate object, which causes you to understand it better.)
@PossumFlavored: Thanks! Hehe, he turns into a zebra lizard when embarrassed!
@PossumFlavored: Yup! Race, breed, subspecies... they all mean about the same thing in this story, at least as far as anthros are concerned.
@Mardozer: Yeah, that's about how it is here in Utah. Cars slip-n-sliding all over the road is a fairly common occurrence. You just "turn into it" and then continue on your merry way, lol!
@WiispNightmare: Ah, yes. Who could forget goold ol' #Snowpocalypse! XD
@Mardozer: Ha, right? I bet they're soooo glad they got up extra early for this!
@dlore2177: Good question! You may notice that anthros with fur or feathers sometimes wear short sleeves, even in the cooler weather. Their natural covering often serves as good protection from the cold. The same goes for ferals. Still, some like the extra warmth that winter clothing provides. It's a matter of preference. Dil, for instance, enjoys the hot, summer months and bundles up when it's cold out. Chris, on the other hand, is used to cold winters, so they don't bother him as much.
@bscruffy: Thank you for asking. :-) I'm doing all right. Work has been quite hectic lately, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel. My wife has been super supportive, which has been a big help. I couldn't do this without her! <3
All in all, things aren't ideal at the moment, but they are manageable and getting better.
Utah winter. Sometimes it's, "can it be over yet?" Other times it's, "blink, and you might miss it!"
What's winter like where you live, fine readers?
Be nice Dil. It's not like Chris is a statistics major or anything like that. Though Kraal would probably be shaking his head right about now...
@Ryker Malone: They were probably expecting around tenish... Plenty of time to sleep in, right?
@Mardozer: Or maybe a book. There's several on the dresser there! Though that might be reserved for unexpected wake-up calls BEFORE 5am.
@bscruffy: Thanks so much! I've represented Aww, Feathers! at public events before, but nothing as big as a full-blown convention. Looking forward to it!
@Triforce Fandom : Reusing memes that are already old news is my special talent! XD
@Pikachao: That's a good question. Most assume it's the same universe, different time periods, but technically the author hasn't specifically said one way or the other.
Let me 'splain... Time passes more slowly in the comic than it does in real life (usually). So they're currently experiencing the Fall/Winter months, even though it's currently almost Summer. For those on the northern hemisphere anyway.
Para mis amigos en Argentina, ¡por fin estarán en sincronía con el clima actual!