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@texan1972: 'Tis a strange magic. 💖
@steelCOYOTE: "Hello all you not-so-happy people..."
@Omegawolf: That thought is going to keep Chris up at night!
@bscruffy: The heat is on for sure. 😬🔥
@Mardozer: Chris is imagining it too... very vividly!
@Douglas Collier: Oh, thank you! ^^ I have been refining a number of aspects of my style as well as individual characters' looks.
@Ryker Malone: Poke first, explain later!
@Ryker Malone: Can we make it 20% more awkward?
@Mardozer: Heh, poor Chris isn't dumb. He just didn't realize how seriously June would take his casual flirting earlier. 😅
I can't think of anything witty to say right here... I feel too guilty for making our favorite dolphin cry. 😢
And the prize for most observant goes to...! No, not you Chris.

Sorry again about the delay getting these pages out, but we're back once again!
You gotta watch where you're pointing that, Mal!
I'm sorry the new page is behind. I appreciate those who've even asked if I'm okay. Yes, I'm fine. 😅 Just been a hectic couple weeks. The next page should be ready next week. Here's a little blooper in the meantime though!
I'm also participating in Inktober this year and am open for Inktober Commissions! Patrons get one or more with their subscription this month. If you're a patron or would like to order your own, stop by to reserve your spot!
@Casanova: Communication is haaaaaard!
@Your Brother: Technically we don't know how long that awkward silence lasted in the third panel. 😉
@Ryker Malone: Chris's life is currently flashing before his scared puppy eyes!
@Omegawolf: You'll have to wait your turn! XD
@Aldred: "On days like these, puppers like you... Should be burning cookies... in the oven." 💀💔🍪
@Ouch: Or maybe Mally will if she's angry enough...
@Mardozer: Yes, very much to the, ah, point!