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@Triforce Fandom : Oh, not sure. I'm not familiar with that one.
@bscruffy: Ah. Dil must have missed that one. XD
Open beak, insert paw! :P
@Casanova: Hm, you're probably right though. He probably should have paw pads. Welp... 😅
@bscruffy: That's a good idea, thanks!
@Triforce Fandom : Yeah, they're great critters to have around!
@Triforce Fandom : I have not. I hear a lot of people really didn't like it. 😅 But maybe I'll see it some day
@Triforce Fandom : Ah yes, that's right. That's good to remember. Thanks.
@P.U.N.: Hehe! A pun on multiple levels!
@Bob: You're most welcome Bob! 😃
@Casanova: 😉 Heh, yeah in a manner. We decided to use Lark and Maiara (the horse) as our more public facing 'sonas. We still use our original characters among close friends and such. But for the comic, we wanted to allow the characters to grow on their own and not be constrained by our own life story, while still occasionally being influenced by it.
@Potato Pizza: Aw, thanks for the kind words! I love hearing that my comic has been uplifting to others! :-)
Done well, comics can be a great medium for addressing issues in an approachable manner. I think this can be especially true of furry comics given the fandom's oft implied (if not always perfectly executed) acceptance and openness towards others.
We're back!! A new chapter, yay! Oooh, remember Luchette? :D

And cameo appearance from Dustin, the saber-toothed lynx in the bottom panel!
@Aldred: Aww. Well I hope you get the opportunity some day. I'll be sure to announce when my panel is available online.
@Anonymous : Oh sure! I'm happy to offer my thoughts. Let me start by saying AWU is actually going to be my first furry con ever, so I don't even fully know what I'm in for! But the impression I get from others in that, like other types of conventions, it's a lot of fun with a variety of things to participate in, including things you'll love and other things you may not care for, but don't have to participate in. And I'm sure the AWU staff want nothing more than for people to feel comfortable there (I know at least one of the organizers personally; very nice guy). You may consider viewing their policies on their website to get an idea of the feel they're going for.
While I've witnessed the occasional argument over what's considered a "true furry," for the most part the fandom seems to try really hard to be inclusive. Some have a fursona they're so connected to they practically consider it to be synonymous with their own identity. Others just have one for fun and don't take it nearly so seriously. I admit, I don't know of anyone (yet) who considers themselves a furry and doesn't have at least one OC, unless they're still in the process of developing one. But if that's not your bag, I don't see why you'd have to make one. In fact, I don't even think you have to call yourself a "furry" to be able to attend and enjoy a furcon. If you love anthro art, at the very least you'd probably enjoy carousing the dealers den (come say hi to me if you do!)
It's completely up to you of course. But it may be worth it to at least give it a try to see how you like it. I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. :-)
@Timeheart: *shudder* Let's just say, if Pennywise shows up, I might need to end the panel early! 🤡😨
Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! :D
@Mardozer: It hasn't been put on this site before, but I did link to it when it was on
I'm joking of course. I'd be tickled if everybody showed up! *Gulp...* Just give me a cracker and throw a hood over my eyes and I'm sure I'll be fine...

If you're attending AWU, I'm scheduled to give a panel on Friday, October 27th at 5pm! I'll be sure to announce the location as soon as I know! And if you won't be able to attend the con, not to worry. I plan to post my panel online afterwards.

My working title is How To Act Like A Pro When You Feel Like An Amateur! I plan to talk about some things brand new creators can do to feel more confident as they break into their field, all of which is drawn from my own experience starting Aww, Feathers! Looking forward to seeing you there!
After several weeks of trying to nurse her back to strength, our little buddy finally left this world for a better one.
More details here.
I'm going to need one more week before beginning the next chapter. Sorry again for the delay.