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I've been sick for several days, which has shot my productivity. Please forgive... I hate to keep delaying the chapter like this. I'll do the best I can to get things back on track.
Sorry for another comic delay, though I'm not really sorry for the reason. A good friend of mine had some emergency home repairs come up, so we helped watch their kids while they took care of that.
But it did give me an excuse to practice drawing Chibi characters, which I'd been wanting to try for a while now. So we'll just go ahead and let the imaginary romantic tension build this week and should be back to normal next week. (On a completely unrelated note, Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!)

Oh by the way, there's still time to get a guest comic in! If you need some ideas, check out this recent news post!
Maybe he should have... or maybe he should start with something simple, like chatting about homework. That's a classic move, right?
I had a lot of fun designing snake girl though! Who knew snakes could be so pretty and/or cute? (I did!)

There's about a month left of the guest comic event and we could really use some more entries. They'll be a big help while I work on a few things related to the comic. If you're interested in participating, but can't think of any ideas, talk to me and I'll toss a couple your way.
I regret nothing! ...Okay, maybe a little... It took me a while to get my diet on track...

I also regret having to postpone this week's page until next week. (Hence the mini comic.) I'm in the process of recalibrating my comic work schedule. It's times like this when it's useful to have a buffer of comics ready to go, and my buffer has been empty for quite a while. Filling it back up is one thing I'd like to accomplish during the guest comic event. So again, any submissions would be a big help!

Anyhoo, the real page should be up next week. 'Til then!
@texan1972: This is true. Often when you're not looking. Love is like a ninja... 👤💗
@Casanova: Haha! Still, the journey there is nice with a travel-mate. :-)
@Ryker Malone: But... but... everybody's doing it!
Looks like they finished their smoothies. Oh, and say hi to Ciel! He's a cameo in the second panel, as well as a repeat appearance by Fiona!

Pardon my relative silence lately. Trying to get caught up on some things while staying on top of comic updates. I've got some great plans for the coming months! Speaking of which, any submissions to the upcoming guest comic event would be a big help towards getting those plans rolling. And besides, I always love seeing the different ways folks come up with to tell interesting or funny stories! If you haven't already, check out this news post for details about the event.
@Casanova: Hehe, in RL she's actually been married for a while now. But yeah, I of course discussed this chapter with her before making it. :-)
Not that there's anything wrong with a winter wedding. In fact, if you can get it close enough to Christmas, you're less likely to forget the anniversary!

Big thanks once again to Kazul for making yet another guest appearance!
@Ryker Malone: And sometimes they send an invite to EVERYONE in their ward or apartment complex!
@Mardozer: *sings* I can hear the bells!! 🔔🎶
Dun dun DUUUUUUN!! Seriously guys, if you've never been to Utah, you will not believe how often you hear about someone you know getting enaged. It's amazing!

I've started to receive a few entries for the upcoming guest comic event, and I'd love to see more! All styles and skill levels welcome! Check out the submission guidelines and get creative!
@reederda, @Pikachao:
99 little bugs in the code,
99 little bugs,
Take one down, patch it around,
117 little bugs in the code.
Hey hey! Starting the new year off right! With a brand new chapter! Aparently these guys are still hard at work on their indie game project. Hang in there!!

And welcome back once again to Kazul, making an appearance in this page!
@Triforce Fandom : We may do theirs on a future page. For now though it's time to begin a new chapter!
@KyuCauda: Soft Wicca, warm Wicca, little ball of fluff! n___n
@Ryker Malone: Ah that's right, hehe. Happy Birthdmas!
Chris and his clan of canines love to howl out Christmas Carols!

How about you? Any favorite holiday traditions? Are you enjoying your holidays this year? I am! :D Hope you all have a fun and save New Years!

Oh by the way! I'm still accepting guest comic submissions! The deadline has been extended to February 28th, so that'll hopefully give plenty of time to all who'd like to participate!
@Triforce Fandom : Apparently October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. So, pretty close. Not sure if there's a month dedicated to disability in general.