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gabbeh wuz here!!! =D and i now pwn your soul! have a nice day!!!

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: D
I still love Minax. SO MUCH. FFFF.
XD I am often teased for being short. So vengence, lol. Probably not the best way to go, but *shrug* I've come to accept that I'm a jerk sometimes XDD

And I have been yelled at a priestess-like person. *shame*
:D hahaha. I do that to people all the time. Except they're usually, you know, non flamey rocks. XD Rainbowing them over me so they hit them in the head is the most fun. XD
XD I love you're characters to death. Especially Camilo. And Bailey, and Moe, and...and...okay everyone! <33
XD I love his bored face. Priceless
Yeah, ok, way to go guys. You REALLY can't see the FF, pokemon, WOW, and Link characters RIGHT there? NICE. XD
XD And of course, battle mode= skimpier outfit with an awesome weapon XD
Haha. The fact that Lawrence is suggesting that ED might do something weird is funny considering the fact he just called him Liam candy. :D
Ah...Light-kuuuuuun looking bishiiiiiiiiiii <3
Ah, it's like when Cinderella goes to see the stepmom!

And I see alot of the Secret Garden,but the main character isn't a whiny little girl. XD
Ok, the dad = Gai for sure. YOUTH!!
Take care, my son! Fun. He acts like Mighto Gai
Ah! Lawrence looks EXACTLY like my boyfriend! And he had the same reaction when he saw me since I'm so short!
I will never look at pacman the same way again.
Awww.... Vincen't just a 3 muskateers that someone left in the frige for a few months and is thawing NOW, full of chocolate nougat.

I need and the What? Chibi's are awesome.
*eye twitch* Okay then. I really have nothing to add at this point.
I was watching my friend's dog, and my rabbit scared the crap out of it. My rabbit is bigger than the dog, so I guess that's reasonable. XD
It's not fat, I swear. It's a Jackrabbit/other rabbit mix-thing. We don't even know.
I have a feeling I know what's going to happen...