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Hi, I JDPftw. The first three letters are my initials and the last three are the short form of "for the win".

I play all sorts of video games from Mario to Call of Duty to Pacman to NHL.

My interest are just as diverse, so I read any comic that I like.

As for my skills, art is not one of them.
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I'm back, I guess?
Hello to everybody who's still here! It's been 4

I was looking at old pics on my computer and came across the BBR comics. It made me miss thinking of new ideas of what to make (not that I did very much to begin with xD), but anyway, so I decided to maybe make a few more, if I can make time for them!

I no longer have access to Photoshop, so I'll attempt to use a free online program called Pixlr. We'll see how that goes :0 Probably will look different than before, but eh, a reboot's a reboot!
Wow it's been awhile
Probably don't even remember me because its been like 4 years since I was last online, but I just wanted to say, amazing job that you still make comics after all these years! Over 370 comics :O you seriously deserve a lot of credit and favourites and all that jazz.

Anyway, hope you keep it up :)
Lol his ears look really silly in panel 4 (i think it's because his hair is covering the top half). And you can never have too many cliffhangers :P
How does a person even fix a broken magic wand???
The new spider-b-gone! Comes in a cute, furry package!
This page looks amazing! Terrifying and creepy in every way, but amazing! How you got the idea for this, one can only imagine...
"Oh. It's you" Nice to see you too, Spiders
@melaredblu: At first I was thinking of putting steam clouds around his head to show that he was angry, but then I just stuck with the red eyes :)

I'm glad you read the author comments and the alt-text because that's one way of talking to you guys, but on the right side of the "my favourite webcomics" page, there is a box labeled "webcomic news". It lists all the news posts that the authors of comics you've favourited have posted. That is another way I attempt to let you guys know what's going on :)
@Blizzard: Lol I didn't even notice that!
Yay got it done :D
Well that didn't turn out too bad. Besides the laughing sprites. They look pretty bad, but you readers don't read this for my artistic ability (I hope) :)

Hey guys! The first name is revealed! Thank you melaredblu for the suggestion, I loved the idea! I'll try to get the next name comic up soon!

Just curious, do you guys actually read my news posts? That's how I try to explain what's going on and I realized a few days ago that if you aren't reading them, then you're gonna really be out of the loop. So read them :)
@Blizzard: Thanks! I love the encouragement :)
So this is the first intermission comic. Again I'm really sorry for not being able to finish the next ones, but this flu has really thrown a wrench in my plans. Fingers crossed that I can get #2 done tomorrow
I wonder what June's new years resolutions are? Maybe to not get knocked unconscious?
Names :D
Happy New Year! Thank you guys for commenting and letting me know that you thought about it :)

I was going to just tell you guys the names, but instead I'll make a comic of it! Then you readers can say "yay" or "nay" to them :P

(btw Blizzard, I like the new profile pic!)
We made it!
One level complete! Congrats to you three! Only 37 left to go...

Thank you folks for all your support, suggestions, and comments! It certainly gives me a reason to keep making these :)

I'm thinking of naming our three characters so far and I'd like to hear some name ideas from you readers! Just comment on this page with the name suggestions and I'll decide whether to add them (very good chance that I will). If I don't get any, I'll name them myself. I'll give you guys a week (until New Years Day) where I'll tell you the names in a New Year comic :)
Wow, look at all that snow! Great detail with the icicles especially!
A cameo from my comic?! YOU'RE THE BEST :D

This is a really awesome and well-developed backstory! I love it!
@melaredblu: But if she hugs and squeezes George, he'll be flattened! Then no more George to play with D:
Chroma's so happy with her little black gooey monster!
Happy Halloween!
Just wanted to make a page for Halloween. It was surprisingly fun to make :P