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Hi, I'm Chi. I'm a zombie who's always awake at night :D
I love drawing shoujo-esque characters ^^ I'm fond of reading shoujo and josei manga :>
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September 10th, 2013
@Kurirunchan: omigosh, thank you so much for the wonderful comment TTATT it made me cry >////< I don't play any instruments but I really love listening to music, especially the classics :> I'm so glad you love it :'D
@Reiri Tsusaki: awww... that's so sweet, thank you :) I'll do my best so I won't disappoint you ^^
@Reiri Tsusaki: thank you very much for reading it (many times >////<) I'm so happy I could cry, I'm moved by your words TTATT
@Watermage: thank you very much for the kind words TTATT Nothing makes me happier than a person appreciating my work, you definitely made my day :D