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>"It's your choice if you wanna get hung up on...stuff"

Ok so I have a bit of issue with what Andrea is saying. I'm a trans gal, and sex is one of the hardest things for me. I am pre-op, and the biggest source of dysphoria is my junk. It's not my choice to get hung up on it. I just freak out/get triggered during sex.

I went out with a cute gal, basically I had the "panties don't come off" rule, and I broke it. I got triggered badly. freaked out, broke it off with the girl, and completely ended dating with her...I wish I wasn't "hung up" on what I got, but I can't change that
February 15th, 2015
> Bill....why did you make him hate me?

I don't get it, we already knew that the bad guy beat her when she was in the hospital in october/november. Is Annie just guilting Bill? Or was the bad guy Bill's friend from before her going to the hospital in october/november?
November 23rd, 2014
So happy for you Greenkrog!
November 1st, 2014
> Sometimes the one who never breaks, never cries, and never seems to need anyone, is the one who needs you the most.

Very true. At the time, everyone thought I was just a normal guy and had no real issues. I was on the tip of breaking down every day, I couldn't look in the mirror, I hated conversations, and I felt like I was a monster. When I came out to my folks they were shocked, since it appeared that I was just some normal quiet boy.

It's always the quiet stoic figures who are breaking down on the inside, and need the utmost of care/understanding.

*hugs* Thanks for another great comic GreenKrog :)
September 25th, 2014
Ok, silly question, it might have been asked, or you might have mentioned this in a prior post...Do high schools even have winter/spring break in February? I know my university had it in February, but all high schools I know of had their break in march.
September 19th, 2014
I have the bad habit of always speaking to myself when I'm alone/thinking. For example I was walking across a field yesterday, and debating how I should handle a situation at work. lol
@GreenKrog Sorry about my comment, I was in a pissy mood this morning. I interpreted the previous page as if the officer said that they are investigating the issue in order to know whether to press charges.

Either way, I knew full well that this is fiction and I wouldn't expect you to do 6 frames of her rights being said to her XD

I've had a bad experience with blood services canada as well. The first time I donated I had a false positive. At the time you weren't allowed to ever donate again. I was heartbroken. All I wanted to do was help, however I couldn't anymore.

Apparently now I can, but now I am trans, sooo dunno if I'll ever go back.

Also one thing I want to point out about the comic which has me confused, Annie is only 14. She has no guardian or adult with her for the interrogation, how is that legal? (BTW looked it up, it's not legal in this case: )

Annie has been told that she was facing charges of public endangerment, so now it's not voluntary statement anymore, it is an interrogation into whether the charge of public endangerment can proceed. At which point she should have been told she is allowed an adult to be there, or that she has to state she is waiving her right to counsel or an adult.

I know, I'm just being super picky, and this is a comic, but no matter what evidence they gather from this interrogation, it is no longer admissible evidence.
August 21st, 2014
@mittfh Except from what I've seen in these comics, Sophie was never told explicitly that she can't go to the dance. Not even in this comic have any of the characters stated that Sophie was banned from the dance if she took a girl.

"To think, Sophie was going to take a GIRL to the dance! Imagine that!"

Does not imply that she would not have been allowed.

There were so many more solutions that could have allowed them to have a good night and dealt with the consequences later. There was no discussion, it was just Annie doing stuff, even after Sophie said that she would handle the situation.
August 21st, 2014
I don't know why Sophie is going along with this. If my date pulled that crap I'd refuse to go with her, and probably go by myself.
August 10th, 2014
LOL at "HOW ABOUT THAT LOCAL SPORTS TEAM", I kinda do something similar actually, when there is an awkward pause, I usually say "so how about that there new fangled internet, pretty exciting!" usually people laugh XD

As for colourblind-ness I remember that comic, I knew girls could get colour blind, but I figured it was such a small amount of women that people think they can't.

Also, my nightvision is horrible. Driving at night scares the crap outta me :(

Both Maria and Gavin were told by Rudy before they went and confronted her about it. She was forced out as a result of Rudy. She just confirmed it when they asked.
I'm going to look at this far far too logical. So Emily is hurt Rain didn't out herself to Emily sooner, let's run down the list of people who know and why:

Rudy: Was accident in halls, she wouldn't have said anything to him otherwise.
Maria: Found out from her brother
Gavin: Found out from Rudy
Chanel: Found out after a while due to Rain's brother showing up, and Hijinks occured.
Kylie: Accidentally outed Rain by knocking on her door during brother fiasco.

So, according to my track record, Emily is the first person Rain has really come out to at school. Considering the dangers associated if Emily rejects Rain and tells people in the school, this is pretty big. I mean Emily doesn't know all this, but still, Rain shouldn't feel bad for protecting herself, and finally trusting Emily.
This actually reminds me of my dreams back in the pre-transition days. I had one re-occuring dream/day-dream. It was of this beautiful girl tied to this post, and she was just broken and in pain. Eventually as I started coming out to myself, the more she broke free, and the happier she got.

Pretty corny, but still...I actually initially didn't know what the dream was about lol
is it Aliens? I'm not sure, but it makes me think of when Ripley fights the alien queen....

Or the first terminator movie, when the T-9000 is chasing her around in the factory or whatever.
Woo reboot joke! I love that show, watched it all through my teen years
lol amazing!
March 22nd, 2014
Or maybe newcomers wouldn't realize what it meant, and assumed that Annie went super saiyan :P
Will you tell us? Please :)
that's the thing I don't get though, I mean at this point she's been in the hospital for the past 2 weeks at least. Her body (in combination with weight loss) is probably much weaker. She wouldn't even do vic any good. Even if she does like swimming, she wouldn't even be competitive, and if she's not going for competitive, just swim on your own.