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Yip-ho-ho! Guess who? Calcobrenas! We're cute! And we're scary! We love to kill! Let's take their heads! Yeah! A gift for Golbez! Yippy ho!
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Mr. Neil: Thanks! :D Do you mean the colors for the balloons? It's just so people don't get confused. Each character has an assigned color so you can tell who's talking, i.e. if the pointer's not clear or if the character's not in the panel.
He's not a pervert, he's just a weirdo. :( Hehe, thanks though.
I couldn't get an anime-styled nose to look right. :/
"Le Printemps" is French for springtime. Their romance is, um, in bloom. X|
Mine have blood, I suppose. Eric's bled before, way back in chapter 1 when Tracy scratched him. But yeah, my vampires are definitely more on the human side of the spectrum.
Yay, random color! Vampire romance! The chapter's finally over!
Panel 1 is recycled for consistency's sake. Which is an odd thing to select for consistency, since the story sure doesn't have enough of it... :(
Soil & Eclipse are an awesome "ethereal techno goth" duo. Seriously, Jay Tye's voice will entrance you. Hahaha, Wisterio's rockin' out.
Eric's the jealous type. Again, incorrect use of "EGL" for simplicity's sake. Someone I know described gothic lolita as being "girls who dress cute (lolita) with blood dripping from their mouths (gothic)." That sort of describes Peggy from The Candy Spooky Theater, minus the girl part...
This was the last page posted on DD before it went kaboom.
EGL refers specifically to Elegant Gothic Lolita, which is what Mana-sama sells at Moi-même-Moitié. I'm using it incorrectly to refer to lolita in general, just to make it easier.
The new poster is Deathgaze. Another awesome band. Whiterose sure has good taste in music.
Whiterose's posters are 1) Moi dix Mois, 2) Vidoll. They are awesome bands. I'm pretty sure most lolita like visual kei, so yeah.
Stoichiometry is something from chemistry. I don't remember what it is, I just remember I didn't like doing it. Oh no, a shadow!
Oh noes, hide!!
Mary is Annie's best friend. She was created so I wouldn't have to keep creating friends for her. She's mostly based on my personality. Her shirt says "My boyfriend plays the pipe organ." If you don't get it, um... it's the Phantom of the Opera. Oh, and Wisterio's a metalhead. Dimmu Borgir are black metal, I think.
At least he let her live...
Angst and vampire action. And prostitutes.
More color!
Color! And Shakespeare! (The balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet.)
He's on a "liquid diet." HURRR! She was telling him he's already really skinny.