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I also like to live dangerously
Sometimes I run with untied shoes. Not too fast, just enough to be dangerous.
Run! The imaginary cops are gonna get ya!
Exactly what Albert Einstein said once: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.. and explodes people.”
This NOPE is on fireeee!
Há! jokes on her. Bear Grylls ate everything.
Their therapy bill must be astronomical.
Now, when does it shift from "hey kids, sit, I'm gonna tell a story" to "home captivity"?
True, money cannot buy happiness... It buy a fuc## hallucinating happiness
Ok, if I had that kind of money... you know, what is known as "Oprah equivalent" I'd buy an island and call it Julutopia. Would build a castle in the shape of my head and hire a bunch of old men to fight among themselves just for my amusement. Then they would go like "Hããã" "keep fighting, old timers! Muahahahaha!"... Obviously I would donate a sum to charity... I do not want people to think I'm weird.
Look on the bright side: His poker face is getting really good. His is growing as an actor.
Jeffrey just needs to take a breath and remove his head out of the clouds.
Fun fact: Giraffes cannot cough. It is difficult for them to raise a paw up there and put it in front of the mouth.
Poor little Jimmy fell down the well
Oh boy, the disaster would be of biblical proportions. Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!
Mother of Invention!
Considerably better than this one I found once: “Thanks, Mom. I wouldn't be anything if you didn't screw around that much”
Just like fishing. You have to throw the little ones back.
Now, the only problem is when you have to change the baby. You never know if you choose a new phone or an iPad.
My life on Battlefield 4
I probably would not be a good trainer though. The only training I know is "off the couch"
Now don’t worry, folks. The cake is a lie.
School of Seven Bells.
Well, It’s just gonna be hard for you to sneak up on somebody… unless their deaf.
It’s Satan Claus! RUN!
Sure as hell don’t wanna be on his naughty list
Call the fire department.
Well, little Timmy didn’t want that PS4 anyway.
Why does ninjas need so many onions?
Ok, so a fireman is like cupid, but in uniform?
How many Pokemons are needed to change a lightbulb?
But they already have names, silly you. It took me years to memorize the first 150. It would not be smart to change them now.. hahahhs, no. I named my Squirtle, Enema. I was so thrilled that passed Nintendo censorship.
You sure he ain't dead?
That looks awfully a lot like a dead dog to me. Have you seen his drool? It’s green! That’s never a good sign.
If there's something strange.. in your webpage.. Who ya gonna call?
Are all this ghosts coming from the same cat? Because it appears to be only nine of them on screen at once.. so.. Hey, are they coming from Titan Kitten? I have to say, the similarity is uncanny.
A Christmas Kangel Ghost
Oh don't be like that. Now, on the other hand, I'm sure the 80 year old you would love you... How many cats do you have again?