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I'm FieryExplosion, but just call me Fiery! I'm just a guy who likes Sonic and other video games. I like to draw, make sprite sheets, and read sprite comics and fanfictions. My favorite characters are Luigi and Tails, and my favorite game is Super Mario Odyssey.

My main comic is Epicly Random (a Sonic sprite comic that also crosses over with several other fandoms), which I tend to update quite sporadically. My persona is a brown and red Tails recolor (because I'm a lazy person).

You can find me on DeviantART and MFGG too (with the same username) -- and I also have a Weebly site ( 'cause I'm weird like that.
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Go, our beautifully perfect King!
Hey guys, sorry for the late update again -- a lot of things have been happening, and I just haven't been able to find the time to output my usual amount of issues. So I'm just going to say that we might be entering a hiatus for a while until I can find the free time again. Again, sorry for that.

I have to admit, when I saw the Smash Ultimate direct, Dedede's new Final Smash gave me hype. I mean, they used Masked Dedede this time! After two games of consecutive 'eh' Final Smashes, the big lug really deserves it. The King will finally have his true revenge.
He's our big boy and he's finally in.
Sorry for the super-late update this time, guys! I've been busy these past two weeks, so I haven't really had any time to make any issues.

I admit, I had this idea long before Super Smash Bros. Ultimate revealed Ridley as playable, but the official unveiling at E3 2018 led me to finally put this idea down. Mario's Captured a T-Rex before, Ridley shouldn't be any exception now.

If anything, Samus is certainly amused by it.
Mario reps are having a good day.
Two things to note from the Smash Ultimate direct: Daisy is playable and Toad participates in Peach's grabs. And Toad looks so adorable while doing so. Just take a look at him while he's punching. Tell me that's not the most adorable thing you've ever seen!

(Also, Bowser's upgraded Final Smash looks pretty damn amazing, too. "And for the finale, one KO punch" indeed.)
Sorry this is coming out a bit late, but I was busy working on some fanfiction of mine. Thus, all my E3 comics are not quite as on-time as I wanted. But that doesn't matter because SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE IS COMING! WOOOOOOOOOOO!

The next few updates are gonna be solely based around Smash Ultimate and all that Nintendo revealed over the course of their E3 conference. Trust me, I don't think there's any other game out there that I've ever been more hyped for. Not even Smash 4 gave me this much hype.

Everybody's back, and it's amazing! No words can explain the amount of excitement in me right now, so I'll let the issue do the speaking for itself.
Somebody's never been to the beach...
Sonic Forces never explains while Green Hill has all the sand in it so suddenly. At all. You could imply that Eggman just did Phantom Ruby shenanigans for the lulz, but the lack of a concrete explanation is still so very noticeable.

I figure it'd be fairly in-character for Eggman to have such a mundane reason such as "I wanted to build a sand castle." He may be a genius, but he is still pretty childish in so many ways.
You couldn't have brought that up earlier, Classic?
Sonic Mania Adventures establishes that Classic Sonic kept one Chaos Emerald on him after Sonic Mania and presumably going into Sonic Forces. And throughout the entirety of Forces, when the Resistance could've used it, Classic never bothers to bring out said Chaos Emerald. Sure, Classic probably can't do much with it by himself, but at the very least Tails could've did something with it or something.

...and seeing as how there technically was two of the same Chaos Emerald at the same time for a bit, I wonder what would happen if they ever reacted? Ah, I guess we'll never know now.
Rolling around at the speed of sound~
No matter what era it is, no matter how much faster he's gotten, Silver will always be remembered for his incredibly slow-paced gameplay in Sonic '06. Sure, his Psychokinesis is also pretty memorable, but it's hard to deny that he basically moved at the speed of Big the Cat too.

I know something like this has probably already been done before, but damn if I'm not going to take a whack at it myself.
Star Allies is still pretty great.
The next wave of Dream Friends is coming in this summer, though they were already leaked beforehand -- Adeleine, Daroach, and Dark Meta Knight. 'Course, the idea of Dark Meta Knight being a Dream Friend is pretty wacky, even for a series with quite a number of redeemed villains.

So I figured I'd lampshade it with a few reaction shots from Kirby and Marx. Man, Marx has been out of the game for so long, he must be pretty lost right about now...
Five years and several franchises later...
It's been five years since I began Epicly Random, and I'm pretty proud of how things have gone within the past five months. Sure, I have had long stretches of silence (December 2013 to January 2016, March 2016 to December 2017) and a rather erratic update schedule, but at the very least I've managed to build a sort of universe out of it.

Admittedly, I probably could've introduced Team RWBY better (I probably should've done it like how I introduced Anime Kirby), but I hope the interactions I've made out of them outweigh the rather abrupt introduction.

Well, here's to more years of pure, epic randomness. Let's see where we go from here, huh?
"You go, big bro!"
Here's a bit of a headcanon of mine: Mario & Luigi: Dream Team shows that Luigi always wakes up immediately after Mario exits his dream. Ergo, Mario is one of the few people that can wake Luigi when he's deeply sleeping.

Of course, this is a little known fact to the rest of the Epicly Random universe, so these four basically wasted an hour for nothing. Sucks to be them, huh?
They're trying, at least.
The Mario & Luigi series demonstrates that Luigi can sleep through practically anything. Heck, even Bowser attacks don't wake him up anymore (though that just may be because such an event happens so often).

On that note, is it really any wonder that nothing these four do even stir him once from his deep slumber? You'd have better luck trying to shake awake Ventus. (And his heart isn't even in his body!)
Here's a three-parter for you all!
We're nearing the Epicly Random's fifth anniversary, so I'd thought I'd celebrate by giving you guys a special three-parter -- featuring everyone's eternal sleepyhead, Luigi!

This arc's random cast of characters includes Blake, Yang, Shadow, and Dedede. At this point, it's getting a bit tricky to decide which characters I want to be in which issue. Admittedly, that's a bit of a personal problem... but nevertheless, I hope this batch of characters is relatively satisfying (and humorous) enough for your tastes!
@Hero of Comedy: Yep. The only sprites for the DDLC crew available were MLSS-styled, so I had to work with it.
Beans, beans, even more beans!
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and Paper Jam both have an piece of equipment called the Farmer Boots. They replace dropped Coins with Beans -- and let me tell you, with a crowd of enemies, they're the perfect way to grind up your stats fast.

Disregarding Paper Jam's "inconvenient" way of obtaining them, I used them in a months-long grind fest in order to be able to beat the Battle Medley. All the other boss battles in the Medley I can do -- but Dry Bowser gave me the most problems. The only way I could beat him was to boost the Bros.' Speed so high that I was faster than Dry Bowser.

Because Jesus, only a superhuman could dodge all those crazy attack patterns perfectly.
How many more artists can we get?
Inside Star Allies' files, the identities of the future Dream Friends were discovered -- with Wave 2 featuring Adeleine, Daroach, and Dark Meta Knight of all people.

Adeleine in KDL3 and K64 primarily fought by using redrawn caricatures (Vividra does something similar, but to a lesser extent). So I figure why not have her do a Kracko vs. Kracko fight? It's not like Kracko will mind.

(...wait, wasn't he bitter over the whole "being replaced" thing...?)
Now all the Starship needs are actual weapons.
Reportedly, KHIII will bring back the much-maligned Gummi Ships -- and they will be open world and more Star Wars-esque now? Whatever the case may be, I honestly really don't care. I just want to see what whacked-up designs people will start coming up with.

In other news, Starship Mario is the best spaceship ever and the whole world knows it. It named a Trope, after all.
Since when could both tanookis AND squirrels fly?
Sonic Mania's Plus expansion will finally reintroduce Mighty and Ray to the ever-expanding cast of Sonic characters. As shown off in the latest trailer, Mighty will do the Bounce Bracelet while Ray has the powers of the Tanooki Suit.

It didn't take me very long to generate this idea.

Now that I think about it, I wonder what the limit on Ray's flight will be?
Oh, Shadow. Never change.
I made this issue really just to lampshade Shadow's 'emo' reputation amongst the fanbase. It's rather amusing, in its own way.

(Oh, is that Monika? Hmm...)