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I'm FieryExplosion, but just call me Fiery! I'm just a guy who likes Sonic and other video games. I like to draw, make sprite sheets, and read sprite comics and fanfictions. My favorite characters are Luigi and Tails, and my favorite game is Super Mario Odyssey.

My main comic is Epicly Random (a Sonic sprite comic that also crosses over with several other fandoms), which I tend to update quite sporadically. My persona is a brown and red Tails recolor (because I'm a lazy person).

You can find me on DeviantART and MFGG too (with the same username) -- and I also have a Weebly site ( 'cause I'm weird like that.
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@JovanW: Yes. Occasionally in Partners in Time, a Pocket Chomp will spawn a girl Chomp instead of the usual male one.

I think it's a pretty cute Easter Egg.
Hey, this looks pretty interesting! You're pretty talented at drawing, and I can't wait to see where this goes!

Also yeah, that's always annoying. You're banked full of Rings and then you just lose it all. It's probably the hardest of S-Ranking anything.
Well, they're gonna need some luck.
Time for round two, eh?

I got the day off school today due to snow, so you get an issue today.

Mario and Sonic are similar in more ways than they would expect -- they have a distinct younger self, an alternate universe counterpart, and have crossed over with at least one of said two. At some point, all six of them are going to meet up in an epic battle, am I right?

Something tells me speed won't help with the whole overpowered attack thing, though. Anybody got the Chaos Emeralds?
They're all throwing shade around here.
It's Luigi's infamous Death Glare against Shadow's infamous Archie Rage face. Who will win? ...I don't know, they can hold those stares for quite some time.

...this is quite possibly the laziest issue I have ever made.
Now watch that health bar drain.
I remember when Dedede was kind of a joke in terms of boss fights. And then Triple Deluxe happened. And Kirby Fighters Deluxe. And Planet Robobot. It's like jeez, he just keeps getting better and better!

And honestly? I can't wait to see his fight in Star Allies will play out. It's going to be the most amazing thing ever, seriously. Give me all the chaos!
Epicly Random - Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing
Sneak attacks are something usually pulled off by the heroes. And there's a good reason why: in the hands of the opposition, it feels cheap and lazy. In the hands of the protagonists, it feels empowering and amazing.

And then there's the middle side of the spectrum: sneak attacks that fail in an epicly hilarious fashion. And we all know what Luigi is most famous for doing.

...wait, how did he even get on the Egg Fleet? Wasn't he just...?
How incredibly... petty.
Bowser and Eggman really are two sides of the same coin (or two coins taped together). They surprisingly compliment each other quite nicely (quite like Eggman and Wily, come to think of it). Too bad we don't see more of this type of thing officially -- because we only ever see them team up during the Olympics.

Ah, how disappointing.
Press the Action Button to do actions!
Have you ever found it funny when during a tutorial, characters have to specifically narrate how to do specific actions? And it looks incredibly awkward whether or not they use the actual buttons or use the terms "Jump" and "Action" buttons.

Like, they put in the effort to specifically record character dialogue for each console, it's like "wow, why would you bother?" That's the curse of tutorials -- no matter what you do, they're as awkward as all heck.
Chaos of this nature is always beautiful.
Slamming as many crossovers into one spot at once is something I've always liked deep down, and the cool character interactions that consequently follow. It's less about the plot and the reasons why everything is happening and more about seeing your favorite guys fighting alongside one another or something similar.

This is the approach I like to take with Epicly Random, but what exactly does that look to an outsider? What does any similar thing on SmackJeeves or DeviantART look like? It'll look like bloody chaos (humorous chaos, but still). And so I wanted to try capturing that with this issue, using the Kingdom Hearts crew as a stand-in.

Also, earlier KH games in the timeline speak a lot about "world order" and "can't bring others into other worlds," so I wanted to poke fun at that too. Because such limitations mean nothing to a typical creative person. You really have to feel sorry for Donald at this point. This chaos must certainly be a lot to take in...
@JovanW: Well, it's a lot better than what Bowser's anatomy looks like. Now THAT was trippy!
Fluff fluff fluff, it's all about that fluff~
Here's something else I want to do after my story arcs -- an "aftermath" piece looking the thoughts and feelings of some of those involved with the recently-concluded adventure. This one showcases Ruby and Weiss (and Yang barging in, because of course), and marks my first (real) foray into writing some general fluff beyond the usual shenanigans of Epicly Random.

For those who haven't seen RWBY, Ruby and Weiss start out as academic partners in Beacon (their school), and they gradually warm up to each other over the course of the first three volumes. I really do like their relationship as a whole, and how their personalities just bounce off of each other. It's really adorable, to be honest! (andisototallyshipthemtogether)

For now, it's back to normal issues! Don't worry; there won't be any giant creatures rampaging around for a while. (or at least I hope. is my stash of 'shrooms okay?)
Now where the heck was Mario and Luigi?
And the Kirbypocalypse is over! Huh, I thought it would last a lot longer.

I was actually going to make this page just six panels, but then I realized there wasn't an explanation for what Peach and Weiss were doing. One could draw their own conclusions very easily, but you do want to leave as few loose ends as possible when you're writing a story.

Were I willing to dedicate any more pages to this arc (which I wisely did not, seeing as I have trouble with story arcs to begin with), I probably would've shown Weiss and Peach actively evacuating the Toads while Kirby continues to rampage about. Alas, my sprite comic skills are probably not suitable to telling any more than I already have, which is a large part of why Epicly Eternal got cancelled.

Peach should really be careful about her words -- this is Bowser we're talking about. When he wants to show up, he WILL show up; this probably means a kidnapping isn't too far away. And him chewing out Ruby and Weiss for their botched delivery. (I mean, those drumsticks DID look mighty tasty.) But that's a story for another time.

Hey, this was a pretty fun ride! I hope this stands as a great proof of concept that I can actually write some semblance of a story. I've got a bunch of other story arcs planned if all turns out well, so let's see where that will eventually lead us.
So, is THIS the final boss?
Fun fact: In my original 2015 draft, it was Luigi who would've entered Kirby's stomach alongside Sonic and Tiff. I actually wanted to add a couple more characters to this arc, actually, but I think then there would've been too many characters. After all, when you're trying to tell a story in a concise amount of pages, you have to make sure the story is easy(ish) to keep track of.

I would've used Kirby's stomach from Squeak Squad, but I felt that was too small and wouldn't suit what I was trying to go for. Luckily, Squeak Squad also has Gamble Galaxy -- and it's practically a fanbase-wide headcanon that Kirby's stomach is a space-like environment anyway.

Sonic, Tiff and Ruby must be honored -- they're one of the first (important) characters to see what the inside of (a) Kirby's stomach looks like. It certainly is a very beautiful place, disregarding all the food and people that would inevitably be scattered about. Shame there's no time to take any cell phone or Scroll pictures.
Jeez, how are the houses still standing?
The team has come up with a plan -- throw some junk down Kirby's mouth and pray. To be fair, there's not much else they can do to try fighting this menace (plus this is only meant to be five pages).

It was kind of difficult, trying to figure out a plan for the heroes that would make some sort of theoretical sense. My original 2015 draft wasn't much help, considering I never actually finished it -- but in the end, I went with this. In addition, this is the point where things start to diverge a bit from my script, so that's interesting (yes, I actually have a script this time).

Here, the crew begins to execute the plan. Why does Kirby eat them, you may ask? He is pretty childish, and I assume getting giant hasn't exactly helped with that. It's not too hard to believe that he'd eat his friends out of happiness were he to be as large as he is right now.
Well, they're getting an E-Rank today.
I had debated for a while what I wanted to use as the catalyst for the Kirbypocalypse. I remembered that Bowser had tried using a bunch of drumsticks to grow giant in Dream Team -- and thus, I used them as the item of choice. I would've used different sprites, but that was all that was available.

Of course, then I needed to explain why such an event would happen. My original draft had Sonic trying to deliver a bunch of Mushrooms to Mario before Kirby interrupted him; I wanted an excuse to use Ruby and Weiss (admittedly), so I gave the job to them instead.

I imagine trying to get missions done as Huntresses in the world of Epicly Random is twice as insane as it is on Remnant -- this being "Epicly Random" and all. 'Course, there's no deadly Heartl--I mean, Grimm to interrupt things this time, so maybe that's a plus?
Holy crap, an actual story arc! (again)
At last, Epicly Random's first true story arc! I've been waiting for this for a while, and I'm finally glad we've gotten around to it. For the next few days, I'll be posting a new part of this five-part story arc, so I hope you're ready for it!

The idea for this plot actually stretches back around two years ago to late 2015, when I originally sketched half of this concept out. 'Course, I never really got around to finishing it (of course) until now.

As for why I'm doing arcs this way now? Past experience has told me (the now non-canon "Party Time!" and Epicly Eternal) that I cannot do lengthy story arcs over a consistent update schedule. So I'll do it BitF-style: dedicate it to five-or-so pages. It was pretty fun making the visuals and creatively trying to fit this story into just five pages.

That is, in fact, Anime Kirby by the way. I'm pretty sure he's childish enough to just eat like mad if he ever becomes giant. You really have to feel sorry for Tiff, having to babysit him all the time.
You're too slow! Come on, step-- wait, I've said this before.
A sort-of continuation of
A Lack of Flower Power, just with different guys.

Sonic does the taunting, Bowser does the firing, Olimar does the swarming, and Master Hand... does the recruiting. Well, he did somehow manage to convince both Bowser AND Ganondorf into Smash, so I'm pretty sure he would take his chances on other villains too.

...though Flowey might not be the best idea. How would he even jump???
Gotta find entertainment wherever you can, I guess...
Plot twist: I have a personal headcanon that Mario is a romantic fanfiction writer. It has no basis at all, it's just a funny thing I have rummaging about. (And Peach is his beta.)

As for why he writes fanfiction in a notebook? Well, he does have to stay away from home a lot. Why not take it with him?

9:58... 9:59... TIME OVER!
Eggman is a very petty person, and he enjoys kicking his opponents with their weak spot -- something the Phantom Ruby can easily do.

And you can't tell me that the Barrel of Doom wasn't the most traumatizing hazard to ever exist.
The lives counter's still sitting at three. Or however much you ended Mania at.
One thing that really drew me in to Forces when it was initially announced was Eggman's army of large-scale Death Egg Robots. It was like, "Holy shit, he's serious this time."

And then the actual game shows up and you only take down one of them, and all the rest are just situated in just the city or something? What a waste of potential. And also, the main cast are just kind of unaffected by such an onslaught. I know it's been going on for six months, but you think they'd have a bit more reaction than "oh no."

As a side note, Christmas Break is almost over, so my updates will once again become less frequent. But I hope my onslaught of comics has been mildly entertaining for you all at the very least.