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I'm FieryExplosion, but just call me Fiery! I'm just a guy who likes Sonic and other video games. I like to draw, make sprite sheets, and read sprite comics and fanfictions. My favorite characters are Luigi and Tails, and my favorite game is Super Mario Odyssey.

My main comic is Epicly Random (a Sonic sprite comic that also crosses over with several other fandoms), which I tend to update quite sporadically. My persona is a brown and red Tails recolor (because I'm a lazy person).

You can find me on DeviantART and MFGG too (with the same username) -- and I also have a Weebly site ( 'cause I'm weird like that.
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We've entered the triple digits! FINALLY!
I reached a hundred issues, after all this time. Since I celebrated the 50th issue with a riff at Sonic Forces, I figured another one wouldn't hurt! It's not really grand, but let's face it -- I'm not a guy known for extravagant celebrations anyway.

I've said this a while back, but it really was disappointing how Sonic Forces never really utilized the concept of Eggman having multiple giant Death Egg Robots at his disposal for world domination. Like, imagine a stage where you had to run about with Death Egg Robots savaging you throughout, or something! That would've been AMAZING!

Also I'm pretty sure Classic Sonic would be pissed at this. One was bad enough for him (though the one in Mania was pretty pathetic, all things considered).
Null Space is so underutilized.
You know, Null Space really had a lot going for it. The environment within it is unsettling with plenty of potential -- in fact, there's proof it was even meant to be a full level. It's a foreboding prison from which there is stated to be no escape. A talented writer could very well use it as a way to signify the heroes' Darkest Hour.

But then Sonic whips in and escapes in about thirty seconds through "the power of friendship" or something stupid like that, and it's basically forgotten right afterwards. In fact, Null Space also opens up some more plotholes -- like, if Eggman had this unstoppable force of destruction... Then why didn't he use it to effectively wipe out the Resistance!?

Sonic Forces really could've been written better. But alas, Sonic Team proves incompetent once again.
A glitchy duo and an Anime-originaler. What are the odds?
Null Space in Sonic Forces is described as a realm "where nothing exists," or something like that. Immediately, what came to mind was Sonic encountering glitch or non-canon characters when Eggman throws him and the Avatar in there.

Gaster was an obvious choice for this, of course. And after I encountered Doki Doki Literature Club through TV Tropes, Monika was in too -- though I had to wait for Toad900's sprites first. Finally, I added Cosmo as my "non-canon" character of choice. I could've done Ashura or Sally, but I feel like I could theoretically write Cosmo better.

As a fun fact, that black hole sprite actually comes from Kirby Mass Attack. I honestly don't know what the context for that is beyond it being in Kirby Brawl Ball, but hey, it works for me!
Prepare for mass confusion.
Luigi's Balloon World is an interesting concept. It certainly looks like a great way to add replay value to Super Mario Odyssey (even if that game is already bursting at the seams with it), and a fun semi-multiplayer distraction.

Of course, with the power of the Internet, you can always rest assured that there's going to be some weird glitches and insanity that'll screw everything up somehow. Like this!

Come on, Luigi. These guys are speedsters. How did you NOT expect this?
Try flying away from that, Bowser!
In certain parts of the Mario fandom, you'll see plenty of demands for a Super Mario Galaxy 3, probably because people like seeing the completion of a trilogy. While I would like such a game myself, I think it's for the best that we move away from that.

Of course, we all know Bowser likes to recycle ideas constantly (see the New Super Mario Bros. series for a prime example), so there has to be a reason he didn't bother trying to take over the universe a third time.

Could it be a rather ironic reason, perhaps?
The Dog Squad just can't catch a break.
I have a lot of ideas rummaging about in my brain, all vying for my attention, so I don't usually tend to revisit ideas. The Dog Squad, however? You can bet they'll be a reoccurring thing for quite a while.

The Dog Squad might be in some trouble here. Certainly, they can't excuse this as being a playdate. Maybe Zwei can dumb his way out of it. (After all, he wasn't speaking or interacting with them at the moment. I think that accounts for some plausible deniability.)
Someone looks rather squared today.
I don't really have anything to say about this issue. I had the idea rummaging about my brain, and the minute I saw that blocky Kirby in a Squeak Squad sheet, I knew what I had to do.

Shadow will forever be known for his edge... even if this isn't the usual application for that term.
We're gonna need FLUDD here.
It doesn't matter who you work for, one will always need a vacation at some point in their lives. I imagine at some point, Kamek and Kammy will have gone on several. Bowser is quite the temperamental king, and his children aren't much better -- and that's not even getting into his massive army.

Of course, leaving them alone without some sort of babysitter is also asking for trouble. But then again, these two deal with that on a regular basis, so I'm sure they can clean it all up once their vacation ends. Maybe.
The meme community is really weird.
Often, there will be a new meme on the market and I'll just be completely baffled as to where the hell it came from. Like stuff like the Odyssey T-Rex? You can see why that's a meme -- it's crazy, it's amazing, it's unexpected. If it wasn't a meme, I'd say something's wrong with the Internet.

Then you get to Ugandan Knuckles, a product of VR Chat. I don't even know what to say for this one. Like, how? Why? What even?

Well, if anything, Team Epicly Random can at least be as baffled by this as me.
@JovanW: He probably warped in from space or something. He's a clockwork god, it shouldn't be surprising.

(He's also from Kirby Super Star.)
@JovanW: Yes.

This is Valentine's after all.
And down it goes!
The Halberd almost never gets a chance to shine. In every game it's appeared in, it goes down, down, down. Kirby Super Star? Exploded. Super Smash Bros. Brawl? Torn down. Mass Attack? Invaded by Kirbies. Planet Robobot? Shot down twice... but not before taking down Star Dream.

Seriously, it's like the gods themselves are conspiring against Meta Knight's fancy battleship. I wouldn't be surprised.
Now who put that GUN box there?
Everyone who knows even a little bit about Sonic '06 should know the infamous Box Glitch -- where kicking while standing on a box will make the box start flying. It's Sonic '06's most known glitch, and for good reason. It's one of the most absurd things ever show up in our line of sight.

This being Sonic, I'm fairly certain he'd find a way to use the Box Glitch for his own means. Like, reaching those damn Special Stages easier. (And yes, I did a fourth Chaos Emerald joke. Try and stop me.)

As a side note, from here on out, updates will slow down to two a week rather than three. I hope this will extend the amount of time I have to work on issues while I do general sprite work as well. I hope none of my readers will mind the change!
I need more affection than you know~
With that, this fluff-fest has come to an end! Honestly, if you've stuck with me through this self-indulgent mess, I have to congratulate you! I just really wanted an excuse to get these two together since I love them so much my god

You know, originally I was just going to have this as a one-issue thing. Then I decided I could take things a bit further; flesh things out a bit, you know? I'm glad I did, even if I started procrastinating hard when making this one page. There won't be an aftermath piece this time, by the way -- I don't really think this arc needs one.

And yes, I always intended to have the "Cupid Kirby" gag go out like this. Man, Anime Kirby really is just a ball of wonders for me, isn't he?

So, yeah. Happy Valentine's Day, everybody. Hope you all have a good time with your beloved.
Who's socially awkward now?
I wondered to myself where I was going to have Ruby and Weiss meet up. There was quite a plethora of locations I could've chosen, to be honest. Eventually, I chose Hollijolli Village from Partners in Time. Not because it held any significance or anything, but just because I picked it at random.

I imagine these two would be increasingly more socially awkward when it comes to the whole romance thing. I mean, that's typical when it comes to romance in general, actually! It happens even in adult-to-adult situations. Ah, the oddities of humanity.

...also at the time of making this I discovered GIMP does in fact have a built-in bold and italic functionalities. I just never knew since for some diddly-dang reason some of the fonts in GIMP are separated into bold and italic categories already and just why would you do that!?
Wow, I wonder what the context for all this stuff is!
I made Ruby and Weiss's scenes parallel with each other in these pages because I felt that it would feel more natural and better paced. It also made scripting their conversations a bit more easier when their structures are more-or-less the same.

These two are really adorable, huh? I really think I've built up their dynamic well over the past 50 issues. Some might say it's a bit OOC, but fan content often does take liberties with the characters they're using, so it's really nothing unusual.

...wait, Mario? Where did you come from?
Excuse me if I get self-indulgent for a minute.
Hey, it's a Valentine's Day special! That's new.

You may have noticed the quiet inclusion of RWBY ever since Issue #32. I really like the show (and the ships that have spawned) as its world and characters are really interesting and compelling.

My personal RWBY OTP is White Rose (if you haven't already noticed). While I would've just made it more of a background thing as Epicly Random went on, Valentine's Day conveniently happened to be nearby. So I decided, why not be a little self-indulgent for once?

I apologize in advance if this gets a bit cheesy, OOC, or diabetic. I'm kind of inexperienced in the whole 'fluff' department, so please hold out on me if it gets to that point.
They should have a rank dedicated to just Big.
So how sidetracked were Team Rose in Heroes with Big the Cat on their team? I mean, we all remember what Big is most infamous for, and he IS trying to find Froggy again...

...either that, or he just likes fishing. Either one would work, to be honest.
So does that mean Mario is a Power type?
Mario and Luigi can lift quite a lot. Mario can pick up Bowser just by the tail and a really chubby Luigi during Bowser's Inside Story, and Luigi himself can lift Giant Giant Bowser in Dream Team, as well as mostly everything else Mario does. Really puts a new meaning on the whole "do you even lift" meme (or whatever its called).

And hey, if the Bros. can do all that, then Knuckles, Yang, and Dedede can do it too! ...right?