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Im a slow idiot that likes to draw :*
haha what are you talking about it fits perfectly!! *heart eyes*
Dun Dun Duunnn! Dog+ass what a great combo lol this is too great!
The Pups!!! yayy
gosh look at that food *q*
and it begins dun DUN DUNNNN~!

Sage is such a cute goshhhh!!!
look at this grumpy wolf that is a giant *o*
Kota and Chris can just be in the back eating treats and drinking they took/made lol ewe
@TheCurrySan: hehe Kota will probably get involved just cause everyone else is doing it!! Kota can give distraction hugs lmao they wont mind lol
@illustratorJI: omgosh that is so cute ;;v;;!!! Kota would love that nickname!!!
Name: Kota

Age: 20

Height: 5'4"

Gender: Non-binary

Pronouns: they/them

Sexuality: Pansexual

Species: Australian Shepherd

Job Position: makes the drinks and also any other jobs that need to be done

Personality: Kota is absent minded and will get distracted easily but they do work hard! Kota might mess up customers orders due to their absent mindedness. Kota daydreams about running around outside. They just love running! Kota is pretty friendly and affectionate and loves to gives hugs whether the recipient likes it or not. Kota loves having fun and being involved with groups especially when everyone is having a good time!

Background: Adopted into a nice home with three sisters(Kaya, Kira, and Kara) who are all older than Kota! When Kota turned 19 they moved into their oldest sisters apartment as she is very over protective over Kota. Their sisters love to mess with them tho but they will protect Kota no matter what and vice versa.

Extra Info:
- probably sneaks treats for themselves every now and then
- big sci-fi nerd (their shirt has an alien fave on it)
- loves to have their hair brushed
- pretty optimistic
- anything w/ peanut butter is their fave

Updated: Kotas personality is tweaked a bit (orz its really a small tweak haha)
ahhh so pretty *v*
!!! loo k at this cutie!!!! gotta shake them tail feathers at least once right??? lol >w>;;;
How did i not see this??? omggg!! Look at this BAE!!!! im so curious about his mystery age ohhh goshhhh haha
-lays down- its really blurry im sorry ill fix it later i just wanted to get this page up cause i took a while

Zhay and Kumo back at it again lol orz;;;
Gil is so smooth~~~
they look so cute in every panel omgosshhhh!!
*o* a white tiger!!!! so pretty aaahh!!
also welcome to Cat Cafe!!
uwu idk if this is nsfw but here youuu goooo~ <333
sorry im so late haha;;;;
omg look at this cutie!!!
-ROLLS AROUND IN THE CUTENESS- OH GOSHHH thank youuuuusss ;;;v;;;
OH gosh Tommy wants to become the sempai and have everyone notice him ahhhhh thats so cute!!
Kumo needs to hook me up with a computer lol
This is so precious ahhh!!!
oh goshhh the fluffyness!!!! he is gonna tower over everyone *v*!!!