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Just a nerd who likes his memes, music, and video games
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@Spar Elric: i got that part

but i have literally never seen this character
@Spar Elric: ah, i see
i've seen the review comic in "similar comics" before
There's no date or alt text because I deleted this one.
In my opinion, Smash for Wii U and 3DS are the weakest entries in the series. It has the weakest overall content in the series so far, pushing quantity over quality. So many of the characters, stages, and modes are very forgettable and I feel weren't necessary to include. There are some diamonds in the rough, like Mega Man. Though I don't find him all that fun to play, he's a legendary character who definitely deserved the honor of getting into the series. I didn't get the DLC for SSB4, but the DLC lineup was great. Three highly requested veterans, three fun and legendary third party newcomers, and Corrin. It's mostly Ultimate that killed Wii U and 3DS for me, as it is the definitive Smash experience at the moment.
Wow, a lame review comic.
For these, I will state my thoughts and opinions on the game in question (if I have any), I'll save my thoughts for Smash 4 as a whole for the author comment of the Wii U version.
@Spar Elric: Huh, I imagined it was more like "oh god he made a meme template, we must use it before he goes full autistic"
@Spar Elric: I pretty much decided against it.
It was going to be a serious and balanced character if I was going to make it, but I realize now that Kreios would be the kind of character to be completely broken and stupid.
@Spar Elric: yeah
realizing i made a homophobic character was probably an embarassing and frustrating realization

lgbt rights are human rights
@Spar Elric: Well, I probably put that there because you need to play it to get into the area where you get the Master Sword. Knowing Kreios, he probably did some other random bs instead.
@Spar Elric: yes
the kirby series gives me life
ngl i kinda wanna make kreios for rivals of aether but i also feel like that's a horrible idea
The original version of this design was made for an assignment in my animation class. It was male and was generally weak compared to this design. But, a friend helped me redesign them, and the redesign happened to go in a very feminine direction.
It still looks nice. I like it.
And this is how Seven Sages of Stupidity dies. With uDraw Studio.
This may be peak laziness. A single-panel comic, just to show that Link got the Slingshot, with nothing to demonstrate it.