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Just a nerd who likes his memes, music, and video games
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Is everything alright with you guys? There's been enough new Classic Sonic material to do quite an update for this comic's planned course.
i think the intention with the name here was a daft punk reference but it fell flat on its face, of course
@hitkid96fan: or i just wipe this comic from the """official gsman canon""" and stop supporting it

there is no """official gsman canon"""
because all of it's either really dumb or ruining other people's storyline and this comic is dead
@Smiffy SMF <3: Maybe I should actually do something on this site. Then again, you can look at my previous work to see why I shouldn't.
@Smiffy SMF <3: I'm certainly not active on this site, but I've actually been quite active elsewhere.
@Spar Elric: yeah no never again
I don't even know if I'm actually going to expand upon this or use them. Likely not.
It's been four years since Kreios was revealed to the public. Sorry. Also, I have made a better Classic Kreios sprite that I will upload after this.
@The Blue Blur: I am really really REALLY sorry. I was really really REALLY dumb when I commented that and I still have no idea about the lore outside of the games.
@The Blue Blur: Sorry, I said that when I was an idiot and I had and still have no idea about the lore outside of the games.
I actually read something like this?
@hitkid96fan: To be honest, I don't know if I even want to do anything on this site anymore, especially considering that I've found that audio is really my personal area rather than visual media.
@Spar Elric: Despite all the crap I put you guys through, you still accept my apologies. I guess that proves your tolerance. What do you need to apologize for? Also, apology accepted.
Oh yeah, sorry, anyone who likes Sonic '06 for not knowing what an opinion is.