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Oh man it's getting hot in here~~ And lol I would totally immagine Daniel being all clumsy and falling down with his chair like that XD They are getting awefully close tho *__*
ahhhh flirty flirt <3 haha man you're making me feel all giddy inside *3*
*____* i have no comment for this, only the feels <3
so cutee *3* look at them both blushing like dorks XD
He needs to let it goooo *sings* let it gooooo~~~ :P XD
May 2nd, 2015
Hahaha oh no the flirting! I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE (give me mooaarr~~ :P) XD
Aww love the insight on Mia's point of view! I also totally love the fact that you use all kinds of subjects in order to make autophobia a great slice of life & comming of age story. Thanks for the update and keep up the good work~ ;)
April 18th, 2015
It's nice that you're not straightforward in alot of the dialog :D This makes it feel way more real, even though some might not be able to read between the lines ^^
Woot I'm in heaven! So many pages XD Haha god I looove the way you put Daniel on paper, your character design is great :) He really needs some self-confidence tho.
Wow, you've been working hard XD Thank you for this big update :> Can't wait for the next update really! *_*
Hahaha love it XD
Hahaha they're both cute together xD She's a really good friend of his <3
Haha gross art changes don't excist, cuz it all belongs to the growth of your own personal style. :> Without it you wouldn't be where you are right now :D