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I like video games, reading books, and writing skits and stories in a type of script format. I'm really only here to look at webcomics and comment on them, as I have zero drawing ability to call my own.
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    Drakendite (Take it as you will.)
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July 23rd, 2013
You have to give her credit for dedication at least.
July 23rd, 2013
This girl looks like she's going to be a bitch, though I get this feeling she's going to be the nicest character here. God I hate those feelings that feel like they're wrong.
Well that's a helluva way to end the story. I'm just imaging what the report will say: "She died due to lack of caffeine in her system." Oh well; Ed's dead and the story's over. Time to move on to the next webcomic!
Oh no! She ran out her most important resource: coffee! Someone get her a cup! I'm suddenly imagining a voice telling you "You need more coffee to perform that action."
Teacher: just accept the damn manga and read it anyways. Ed's already been through enough shit; we don't need you making it worse!
@Krazehhcakes: The girl broke from weak-minded could this girl be?
@Krazehhcakes: That is true; it's just as important as the visual part. Now to see if Ed will break under pressure.