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This is a really cool comic, and i love the art style!! Can you update soon? Pweaseeee? :>
@Luigi_96: You're supposed to be confused :P Btw the perspectives are going back and forth between Kairyuu and Raichu and Camden.
You should totally write for shows. You would be amazing :D
Ohh I love that answer xDD
Aww so cute!!
@Luigi_96: I'm sorry, I'm on a bit of a hiatus, but don't worry I'll be back within the next week or so. I just need to scan the pages I've done so far.
@Luigi_96: She's introduced in the two pages that I missed |D
I really need to put those two pages up.
Her name is Kairyuu, by the way.
@Luigi_96: Thanks :D
I never thought I would even get 5, to be honest xD
@Ginchiyo: The other building is like a lot more than 50K :P
Plus the building they're buying is a warehouse xD It will definitely be dirty as hell
@Luigi_96: I have no idea .w. Sorry D:
@Luigi_96: It says PokeEarth xD
@Luigi_96: Thank you very much! :D
@Luigi_96: *doesn't know how* Tell me please ;w;
July 1st, 2013
It's looking great so far! Good job!! :D
@Luigi_96: No, she's a Zoroark :D
@Luigi_96: Ha, thanks x3
@Luigi_96: Hey, thanks!! I'm so glad :3
Hey, I wrote a story. Find it here:
Dreamception! >:D Or is it Inception...? xD;;
@Luigi_96: You're so awesome!!!