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I'm an asexual neutrois who likes making webcomics. If you didn't understand any of that, well, that's fine. Most people don't.
Over the summer I ended up fairly nocturnal and started frequently Waffle House (only place open past midnight) way too often, and got hooked on Vanilla Coke. That stuff rocks. It's supposed to cost an extra 25 cents, but they never charge me it. I can technically get it on campus- but they charge $3 for a freaking can's worth of it! No refills!

Also, dolmades are a greek food made of grape leaves and rice and oil. They are freaking delicious!
I've never had them constantly spraying freezing water on your teeth while scraping them. I think she made that up to be mean.

And, as usual, the actual dentist is pretty dang nice and good at her job. The assistants and nurses, however, are sadistic.
Yeah, it does. :/
Sorry for the delay. I had it drwan, I just couldn't scan it because I was at my Aunt's this past week.
I think an April Fools of actually updating with a freaking comic is fair enough.
A bit heavy, I know, but it's all I could do. I was planning on doing a lighthearted thing about something that happened in the airport, but I really couldn't. I got the first panel sketched, so maybe I'll finish it and post it up soon-ish, maybe even this afternoon. But maybe not.

This won't last, but things are getting to be too much and, well, it's all I could think of to do.

I don't know how many readers have had bodily dysphoria- where various body parts just feel WRONG.

If not, be thankful. If you have it, be strong. But right now it's kind of eating at my soul and I can't really focus on anything but how much it hurts just to exist.
Yeah, it does. -_- Finally got the thing in right, but now I can't find my birth certificate because mom apparently hid it.
In fairness, I didn't actually post notice. Turns out that I put the wrong name, because the name on my birth certificate isn't the same as my legal name.

So, instead of being done with this by Monday, I have an extra 10 days starting whenever I can get to the courthouse next. And I don't know where my birth certificate actually is. Yayz.
Here we are
Up as promised! Hope no one was dissappointed that I missed a page. Do hope someone at least noticed, though.

Also, in panel 3- that's my Aunt Colleen. I don't know what happened, but my cousins ended up singing a little ditty to the tune of "Feliz Navidad" that went "Colleen stole my car, Colleen stole my car, Colleen stole my car and she wouldn't give it back".

My family's fine, I like my cousins, I just have no idea what to do with them.
Drag Night
You can see some of the other acts here-
It was either this or Stockholm Syndrome
Why couldn't he just cut his it into slices and eat it like that?
Hate when that happens
I really don't want to know who's toothbrush it is, either. Either it's my boyfriend's so that's not so bad, or it isn't and I need to gargle bleach for awhile. I'm just going to pretend it is.
My boyfriend kept saying everything smelled like lemon, considering "lemonade" covers fruit sodas as well, I'm starting to understand that notion.
I realize that this is just my opinion and not everyone shares it, but I find older things to be better. New movies/shows seem to rely on relationship drama and special effects rather than plot and writing, and there's something nice about the older version of special effects. Not a big fan of silent movies, though.

There are many modern books I happen to like, but I'm a bit fonder of older writers
I ended up confusing it with "Red Dice" once. That isn't even a movie or TV show.

Awesome series, but I just can't remember the name.
Happy holidays, whatever you believe or celebrate. And in the midst of all the commercialism and buying, don't forget what really matters.
A few notes
The full size, color version of panel 4 can be seen here:

This is up on a wednesday because I'm doing a sketch for christmas. Turns out thursday was the WRONG day to update this month.

And, um, yeah, probably not gonna be putting any nekkidness in the comic any time soon. Sorry to anyone who's disappointed.
Please ask first
Most people asked before touching my head- which is a good thing- but a couple of people didn't, which freaks me the heck out. I don't like people touching my head much (which is why I cut my own hair), and having someone just walk up and touch it is not pleasant.

So, if you see someone and just have to touch their hair, especially if you don't know them, please be polite and ask permission.
I'm not a big fan of romance. I kind of hate it, actually. So don't expect it in this much. And sorry for putting it in if it bugged anyone.

Also, on panel 2, depending on your views of PDA, that's actually an *upside*.