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I enjoy reading, swimming, hiking, and animals. I have a green thumb, and a touch with creatures. I am anti-social. I'm fat. I like drawing. What more could you want to know?
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This was a cute comic. The Dragon's expression was great!
So is she going to run away with him or...?
This is not going to end well; here's to hoping that the Red Hood she saw earlier will come by and stop her. If not, then hopefully she won't just kill herself. Or forget everything important.
Swooping is bad

I see you play Dragon Age: Origin, then.
Cute. He talks to trees. I'm sorry, do I sound snarky? It's a great comic, really! It's just... monologuing. Hm.
I don't trust her. *Crosses arms and glares* She OOZES "bad-guy" vibes.
And Now I'm a Fangirl...
I- urgh... Di- didn't find that cute... No-... I didn't see anything at all, in fact. I especially didn't do a fan-girl squeal... I'm... not a fan-girl, got it? I-! I'm not... really... I just- suck at lying to myself is all.
A game like Dragon age where your choices and/or dialogue effect the outcome and how much your companions liked you would be fun to play.