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Partime uni student, full time otaku, and all round nerd.
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I just found your webcomic, and I must say, it is awesome!

I wouldn't mind having a fatally flightless friend, they're so cute. :)
Take your time
Its all good. Awesome has no time limit.
I admire your ability to multi-task, juggling 2 jobs and a webcomic is pretty impressive.

I have a feeling Abby would be a Legends of Zelda fan.
I think his wings are kind of cute.
Love it all
I just finished reading your entire comic and, I hope I don't sound too cliche in saying this, I love everything. I love your art style, it's delightfully gothic and detailed. I love your characters the interplay and banter between Mischief and Vard is hilarious. I love Vard's expressions. And I love the story, I am so excited for the next chapter!
Happy Belated Birthday! ^^
If Oliver is Mengele's apprentice imagine what he'll do to lucky if he gets caught.
m&m poker
that's like me when I play m&m poker with my brother
Oli mad = no hope for Lucky
I hope whatever that was doesn't turn Lucky into the new executioner
and mine *sigh*
totally awesome
Just found this comic today, totally awesome!
I love how as soon as Jura pulls off Herz's clothes they're instantly folded. Jura would make one kick ass butler
this is pretty much how I felt after graduating from year twelve
wait your name is Zara too?
its kind of weird reading this comic because my name is actually Zara... and that would have been exactly what I would have said
this comic is amazingly adorable
the chibis are adorable
thats pretty much what I do to my brother when he's annoying
brace yourself an awkward question is coming
For William
I still think Lucky kind of deserved that