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I worked for about 2 hours on this one! It was all done in MS Paint, so I need some feedback telling me if it looks good or not.
I know this one was a little clich├ęd, seeing as how a lot of Pokemon comics try this gag, but hey, if it works, it works.
Look guys, it's summer, and I have WAY more free time than I know what to do with. So, I'm going to restart the comic officially. I know I've said it before in the past, however, now I figured out how I'll be able to continue it, without it becoming a chore for me. I'm going to make all the comics that will appear that week on Sunday. The official update schedule is Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday. This way, I can enjoy my summer, while only losing a little part of Sunday mornings.

Oh, and as of June 27th, the comic has officially been "running" for a year. So, happy first birthday to you Pokemon Chrome. ;)
Pay me back by not spelling my name wrong next time.
A fan of the comic actually made the banner, I could never make something that good.
The SFX were terible in this one! I tried using blur and gradient effects, but that doesn't cover up the awful paint SFX.
Glad to use it.
I'm back!
Finally! I'll post more! I promise!
Do not ask for whom the bell tolls. For the bell tolls for thee.
I already know
Halloween is spelt wrong, don't bug me about it.
As long as it's human.
TYH, if you do have a human trainer character, I'd love to add him. And to Grineren, you need to read the news on the main page. You might just learn something.
I just didn't feel like making comics again. But now I do.
ZOINK! He goes away, thats what I want the copied parts to do, go away.
You took the Universes thing from Bob and George. Stop copying things.
You COMPLETELY copied Bob and George. Thats just pathetic. It's the exact same joke and everything.
Chill, I'm going to start making comics again, don't worry.
Wanna join this comic?
Read the news post, it's important.
Kind of, It's almost been a month.