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Weeell... I am currently in the process of creating a romance/drama one-shot and I am HOPING I'll finish it before I return to school - u -;; ehehe... this would probably be my first SERIOUS SERIOUS SERIOUS (and I'm saying 'serious' three times 'cause, alas, I've never really finished any of my mangas ;~;)!! .. NOW I'M ALL FOR THIS ONE!! So I hope you'll stay in tune and bear with me...!! > u <; ... since other priorities are calling out to me too!! The link below leads to my profile on another site. I post mi schtuff there. I've been trying to improve on my proportioning skills; so hopefully, that works out... hehe ~ well - anyway!! Thanks for poppin' by! (: Sorry for the nothingness that is my profile!! ;u;
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Love it!! > 3 <;;
Your manga is fantastic!! * 3 * I REALLY look forward to reading moreee!!
@cherriuki: That'z crazeeeh!! O 3 O; I can't imagine drawing the hair particularly!! * 3 *; It really came out great though!! (:
Woaaaah!! > 3 <;;
Amazing cover!! ^^ Was this painted? How long did this take?!? > O <;;
Bean Paste
July 22nd, 2013
Nice Background!!
The background looks great!! ^^ I dunno how peepz have the patience!!
Bean Paste
July 22nd, 2013
How Kyooot!!
It's adorbzzz!! (= Keep up with the GREAT work!!
This manga is REAAAALLY coming together!! (= Please DO keep at it!! ^ w ^;;
Nice Job!
your toning, character designs, and backgrounds are awesome!! * u * i luv the detail.. keep at it!! (: