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I often write the stories rather than draw them. But then one day I said "What the heck, why not? I have some skill."

Also, I love PMD.

Here are my links to my social media accounts.

YouTube:https: //
I JUST got saved and now I'm going to die again. I have a feeling this will happen a lot.
I can't stop laughing. Make it stop. It hurts. Is that blood? Oh God. My heart. It's. coming. up. my. throat. *Dies*
Do you use a scanner? :-P
Lovin' This!
Continue. CONTINUE.
I have been following this story since the first page, and I cannot stop being utterly amazed about how beautiful the art you draw is. I have to admit, I am more talented in the subject of writing, but I am soon buying a Bamboo tablet from Wacom, and I would like some tips from a talented artist like you. Things like what programs and what digital tools to use would help immensely in my journey to create my own PMD comic with what skills I have. Great story so far, can't wait till the next page!