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Obviously, drawing is my passion and lifestyle, but I like writing very much as well(thank goodness!). I listen and play music (on the keyboard), read books at times, and The Homework is my nemesis. Newbie cook, but I have talent(never had a stomachache because of my own), and a gamer gal.
September 6th, 2014
Takoda and his secrets... Also, a suspicious looking fella is being introduced in the story? Hummmm.
About that cosplay bonus art... All of them are well portrayed! I think I nearly fainted at the sight of Nero there. I love Devil May Cry! And Black Jack fits Theodore pretty much?? *0*
Aww, I loved the bonuses! The fanart is so cute, and that white puppy... Aww. The puppy form and the white color suggest...Rebirth? It's kinda what it seemed like to me. Well, Jeriah IS debuting his new outfit, soooo... Just in time?
The next scene'd better be a nice, fluffy scene where Annabelle sleeps on Jeriah... and the next day... Well, we all know wolves (specially werewolves) aren't quite known for wearing undergarments. My fan imagination is working hard. Nice close-up of the puppy Jeri :3
Either Jeriah or... yeah, totally him. I had thought of her father as well, but she's got something much more interesting right in front of her eyes.
Please open the ask thing soon!! I'd love to interview everyone!
I'm surprised because werewolves aren't so harsh on other people (or even people that can manipulate you) and Richard boy here actually doesn't seem scared at all. Maybe his only level of scared is to mention the W word really, as if that would piss them off. It sure doesn't seem like Tony would mind, at least. Claude seems to have problems accepting it, though.
Suddenly, Tony's the big bro again in the picture. And the most sober guy in the page. Has he been cooking all day?
Aww, Claude looks like a really delighted pumpkin(in the best way)! But does Richard's (I'll stick with the name for now)touch only switches people's emotions to "happy puppy faces"?
Did he just forgive him after letting his own daughter die? Hummmm. Just speculating here. I wonder how old were they in this period?
Don´t let go of that hand boy, he´ll throw you right out that window, with glasses or whatever in the way. Damn, we still don´t know his name!! Please introduce that lovely piece o' cupcake to the readers!
Welcome back!
Adorable bonus art! Great page! WTF STEVE CARELL
Geez Claude, it can't be that hard to pronounce "window", you can do better.
And his flustered face is absolutely adorable! I totally expect a hug between these two just like that art in your blog. Tony, there's been a stranger on your window for 3 pages already, when will you actually show up? (And take that apron off, Claude says)
You go, big sis! And what precious babies in this page, omg. Is Takoda going to "jump on my horse, we're leaving" Jeriah? Ohhh.
Get well soon, Alicia! Don't push yourself too hard, ok?
Happy birthday, BTW! Enjoy your break from work, I guess ^^'
You're very much welcome ;)
I totally did not see those movements, though. For an instant, I had to double-check Claude's presence in the sofa... Dumb eyes of mine.
Tony, go help the poor man to get down of that window. (Whether it's up or down depends on Claude's humor, I guess)
I am so dying with that SnK bonus, omg, it's so Glorious. And that delicious concept art. You spoil us way too much, Alicia.
Story time with Takoda and Co., I guess? Yay!
(Hey, it's Fireflies!)Lovely page! I specially liked the lightning in this one. Bonfire's special effects are delicious and revigorated the whole atmosfere for the better. If you gotta have some dialogues, better work on those scenarios and camera effects, yum! Keep it up like this ^^
Good boy, that Jeriah. Why keep him from turning? He's so well-behaved now. Theodore can be jealous of that crystal.
Team Means Win!
Foreshadowing?!? And fuck yeah, longest author comment FTW! Congrats on the 400th page!
Is influenza incoming on the next one too?
Gee, look who's appeared on the comments. Hope to see you soon!
@SignorinaAlli: Oh, where's the flashback gone to? Lovely bro hug, btw<3