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I am a 24-year-old artist, writer, Tarot reader, occultist, psychology-questioner, etc with a lot of strong opinions.
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I think I'd be too grossed out to touch it even with a wash cloth personally, but I could see this happening.
@thezoverlord: Oh my goodness, I can seriously relate to this comic. LOL, great work.
@corruption: I had a disabilities office person act like this before. She was very pushy about a specific "healing group" because I did not have a therapist and she wanted to be able to tick the "doing something about your disorder" item off her list.

I think what was going on was that the woman assumed my reluctance was just because I was being hard on myself/knocking things before I tried them versus because there was actually incompatibility between someone like me and a group like that.
@corruption: Very true. A therapist isn't going to put the review that says "this person is a nut job" on their website.
@lotophagi: To be upfront, this system is not at all based on my own, but many of Carol's experiences are. Thank you for reading!
The words got a bit cut off on this one. I need a bigger scanner :-(.
I wanted to shed some light on why Carol is seeing Dr. Therapyman and why she doesn't just quit after that first awful meeting. Like many people, she has been waiting a long time to finally get an audience with a "DID-friendly" therapist, and more than her own mental health rests on having that therapy stamp of approval right now. We'll see what happens next.
I know most stoves are not next to refrigerators. I was trying to draw a kitchen without a reference, it's hard, okay ;-)?
Has this ever happened to you? Comment below.
It's really sad.
If you look at actual books or websites written about DID, it is really sad how many you will find that are written the way Dr. Therapyman is writing his own narrative.
This happened to me.
It's always great when you have a bad experience with a medical professional that everyone else LOVES and highly recommends. Something really similar to this happened to me a few months ago. I went to this therapist's website and everyone talked about how she was this kind, gentle soul who revolutionized their lives. When I met her (online) she screamed at me for 45 minutes and then told me I could never afford her and she wouldn't take me as a client even if I could. How's that for encouraging?
It seems really hard to find people who are informed about safe sex in the lesbian community because it's often seen as "unsexy" or something. True point.
Wow, like every single page of this is something I've experienced.
It's not just you. People have done that to me before too, with the assumption that gay = you must have had sex to "really know."
This is so true!
@RavensCongress: Thank you for your support!
Thank you.
@lotophagi: Thank you so much!