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February 23rd, 2018
@The Aussie Bloke: It's too bad this comic isn't the type that can show her whacking him with a gigantic cartoon hammer and flattening him into a pancake! (Although, it could show her THINKING that, probably with little chibi versions of the characters.)
February 23rd, 2018
I looked up the lyrics. Here's part of them:
Then we'll take you to the forest
Where none will hear your cry
And we'll cut down the Sycamore and Broom
And it's there we will forgive you
And it's there we'll watch you die
Like a dancing silhouette against the moon

And you will burn, you will burn
We will purify your soul in the fire, in the fire
And your spirit will live forever
It will rise, it will rise
From the ashes and the embers in your eyes, in your eyes
And your spirit will live forever

Praise the Lord
Another soul is saved
Praise the Lord
Praise the Lord
February 23rd, 2018
That Face!
That expression in the last panel made me laugh aloud!
February 23rd, 2018
It's Not An Ideal World
@CatPerson: Thank you for reminding me about that. I live and work among very accepting people and don't get out much, so I keep forgetting that the rest of the world is not very accommodating about different lifestyles, and are not nice to people who don't hide their differences.
Wise Person
I love how you make so much sense when so much in the world right now doesn't!

Thank you!
November 15th, 2016
Don't Google "deadname"
I Googled "deadname" having never heard the term before. For others who don't know, it's the name a transgender person had before they woke up to who they really were and transitioned.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who want to do harm, and deadnaming (using someone's deadname) maliciously is something several websites were created to do. Just because such vicious people exist does not mean we have to give them those extra clicks.

I hated the way people teased me when I was young, and I changed my name as soon as I left that small town. Although I'm cis and I left that place more than , I still cringe when someone finds out about my old name and uses it, so it might as well be called my deadname.
October 26th, 2016
News for TG kids
I just saw the Frontline show about growing up transgender, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that they are now prescribing hormone blockers to underage transpeople that will prevent the onset of puberty. They said there's no way to tell if a child with gender dysphoria will continue that way into adulthood, or if it will somehow go away. (Evidently, it does go away for some people.) Anyway, the blockers allow people getting them to delay developing the secondary sexual characteristics of their natal sex until they are much older. I presume that when they are of legal age to decide for themselves, it will be easier to take hormones and transition if that's the way they want to go, or to stop taking the blockers if they prefer not to transition.
@Snow Lilly: Yes! You said it better than I could, but that is what I would have said if I had the words.
Hair decorations?
I know this comic is more about how she feels she looks than how the rest of the world actually sees her, and I recognize that how our hair looks plays a major part in how we all feel about ourselves, but I wonder if someone could point out to Rain that she is concentrating too much on just one aspect of her appearance.

I'm cis, but have always envied the many ways women can decorate themselves from nail polish to barrettes and hairbands to scarves to hats to jewelry and makeup. Does the school's dress code prohibit even flowery hair barrettes or a lacy hairband? Can she wear even a little mascara to make her eyes more feminine?

What about her eyebrows? Looking at faces on the bus one winter when everyone was so bundled up against the cold that no one's figure I started looking at all the beardless faces without makeup around me to see what made some people look male and others female. It was their eyebrows! No guys tweeze or shape their eyebrows, and all the women did.

Good comic. You've made Rain so real to me that I want to give advice to her!
September 25th, 2015
Look at the date!
This strip takes place on 2/25/13 and was posted on 9/25/15. That's only 2 years and 7 months difference between comic time and real time. (I somehow thought the difference was far greater.)
Choice in games
One aspect of what you describe in Hero's Choice has been available in the Elder Scrolls series of games. You don't choose much more than race/species, gender, and appearance at the start, and then what you do determines what you are good at. If you want to be a better archer, shoot more arrows. If you want to be an assassin, then kill someone and the guild will contact you. Same with thieves, mages, warriors, etc. (I haven't tried it, but I think you could play as a pacifist and develop a large fortune by picking flowers, making potions, and selling them while practicing stealth and spells to calm creatures and developing your Speech Craft skills to persuade rather than fighting enemies. You won't "win" the game if you don't join an army, but I played it happily for hundreds of hours over 3 years before I gave in and took a side, and have still not become a thief or killed anyone who did not attack me first.)

Skyrim is their latest game, but it's several years old so they're probably working on the next version. Maybe you could work with the people who make it on Hero's Choice, or combine the ideas.
Odd thought
I just thought it would be funny if Emily thinks Rain is a transwoman who wants to become a man.
October 10th, 2014
There's hope
1. Emily's replies are great!

2. My mom had most of her intestines removed in the 1960s due to cancer and she died this year of old age. Medicine has improved a lot since her surgery, so there really is hope!

3. I like the alternate title better.
Do you have boobs?

That really caught me off guard and made me laugh. Thank you.
I laughed aloud at that panel. That was the punchline for me.
Ha ha!
This one made me laugh aloud!
Happy Birthday
You look 23 to me!
Full text texts!
Texts are an exercise in brevity for me. I am usually very wordy, so saying what I want to in 160 characters using real words like this is a challenge, but fun.
November 15th, 2013
Another teen mother?
I've seen too many 1-parent families struggling to survive to think anyone should do it at any age. Add to that the struggles of juggling the almost full-time needs of a baby with only the baby's nap times of as little as 2 hours for the parent to recover her energy, and the other needs required by school and the stress is greater. Add to that the lack of parental support, the inexperience that causes every teenager to make bad decisions and her adolescent raging hormones. We don't know Emily's financial situation, but by far the poorest people in America are under the age of 20. Even assuming she's okay, with all those other potential problems, something's gotta give. It's like a Jenga tower with all the easy blocks removed: just one more thing could make it all fall down and there's a defenseless baby at the bottom of it.

I don't think she should go through with even the pregnancy at all, but it's not my body. If she does go through with it, then she'll have to deal with another pair of hard choices for anyone, never mind a teen: raise a baby as a single mother, or part with the newborn that she's gone through 9 months of pregnancy to bring into the world.

That said, it really does take a village to raise a baby and if Emily can find a group of other parents to help she could be alright. My wife and I found half a dozen other families through a "mommy group" set up by our hospital for parents of newborn babies, and we took turns taking care of each others' kids. Later, our little girl attended a co-op preschool, and we're still friends with several of those families almost 2 decades later.
Yay! The story is back and you're not taking a month-long sabbatical as I feared. (The 1-year collage near the 2-year collage confused me, but the jokes were funny.)

@Cait: Thanks for the word "heterochromia." (Interesting pictures on the Wikipedia page.)