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Didn't mean it to be so long since the last comic. Life just intervened.Like it does.
An oldie but a goodie
It's the old Groucho Marx gag, isn't it... and then I always wondered what she'd got against Ted
She's back!
And this time she's... dead.

I've got scripts for the next 3 episodes ready, so it's just a question of finding the time..
About time, too
Taken me a while, this one. I only really get a chnce to do these when I'm out and about and waiting (usually while my son plays chess. Unfortunately the battery life of my old tablet gets shorter all the time. About 45 minutes now. Have to buy a replacement soon.
A bit longer than I wanted to be getting this out. I tend to squeeze these in at my son's chess club. I have about an hour of battery life on my old school laptop. So... exciting.
Leaving it here for now
I kinda know where I'm going, but I just need to find the time to draw it. In the real world there was about a month between numbers 3 and 4.

I only intended to have the daughter in one episode, but I like her so much she's growing into a fully-fledged character.
Number 3
Back in the day, I remember people going to silly lengths to armour-plate themselves inadvance of a demonstration. Just like this.
Number 2
In which we meet the long-suffering daughter. In Theocritus they give a slave girl a hard time, so I decided to update it a bit. Also fits reasonably well with their age.
This is the first of an occasional series that may or may not go anywhere. I've done 4 pages so far and this seems the best way to join them together.

Those of you with a classical education may notice some similarity to Theocritus' XVth Idyll. I shamelessly stole it because Gorgo and Praxinoa were precisely the kind of people I was thinking of.