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Old and bald...
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I'm old enough to remember The Epilogue on the TV, so having a kind of sermon in here works for me.
I did this one to mark the second anniversary of doing this stuff. Partly because I was surprised that I was still going, but also because I had just got Manga Studio and this was the first non-Paint story I did.

Anyway. Thought I'd give the characters an anniversary, too.
In the tradition of one-side-of-the-page briefings, I thought I'd give a page each to tying up these loose ends...
Only a couple more episodes to go. Like it on the roof. Enjoyed the characters standing on the edge of the picture frame
In a moment of madness I volunteered to be "Information Security Champion". It was then a short step to "Could you present on this?" So I enlisted the Policy Police to help me out. Bizarrely the original presentation got thousands of hits on Slideshare. There must be loads of people out there baffled by this stuff....
With a change of government comes a new set of nonsense terms that managers start using in all seriousness. Seemingly overnight. "Horizon Shift" really was one of them that came in with the 2010 coalition government.
Always been intrigued by people who finish their bosses sentences. Are they trying to impress? Or is it a strategy to disorient you?
My favorite joke of the series. I'm a bit out-of-touch now so I don't know if the consultants still turn up with their little wheeled cases. There was a time when it was all the rage.
This one originally appeared in 2 parts as the Organisation slowly ground towards its end. I was reminded of some stuff I'd done on organisational culture and wondered how different people dealt with being in an oganisation without a future. As I was thinking about this there was much hilarity about one of the Executive Directors showing an interest in chainsaw courses...
I was a bit under the influence of Japanese comics for a page there, but I wanted to get across the feeling of being out of ones depth when faced with such nonsense.
I hadn't put Return of the Repossessed into comic book format, so hadn't really looked at it in years. Now that I'm going back through, I'm definitely getting feelings of deja vu - "oh, I was at that meeting."
I did this one just after our own All Staff Briefing. The news of our closure came as no surprise to anyone. Except senior management who had been too busy brown-nosing the minister to notice what was going on around them.
I was delighted when my friend and colleague Rob Englebright asked if I had any stuff he could use for a guest strip.

I had this material more-or-less ready. Most of it had really happened to another colleague shortly before. I just added a couple of bits from some other meetings of the great-and-good and we were ready to go.

In the grand tradition of the Beano, this was our Summer Special for 2010
This one-pager was provoked by our Directorate being deemed the worst offender for paper usage. Both printer paper and bum paper. In the end the Organisation did nothing beyond telling us that once. They never bothered collecting the data after that.
Did this in the run-up to the 2010 Election. As you can see, wee knew we were in trouble. But the higher up the food chain you got, they were more convinced the Organisation would survive.
It's one of those fads that organisations go through. It says:"Look, we're using big data!" and "Look, we're in control."

Didn't mean it to be so long since the last comic. Life just intervened.Like it does.
An oldie but a goodie
It's the old Groucho Marx gag, isn't it... and then I always wondered what she'd got against Ted
She's back!
And this time she's... dead.

I've got scripts for the next 3 episodes ready, so it's just a question of finding the time..
About time, too
Taken me a while, this one. I only really get a chnce to do these when I'm out and about and waiting (usually while my son plays chess. Unfortunately the battery life of my old tablet gets shorter all the time. About 45 minutes now. Have to buy a replacement soon.