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I am German and live in a town located approximately in the middle of the country. My work is putting numbers in the right place. For fun I write fan fiction, take photos, enjoy cooking and backing. I love my male partner in life who likes to wear skirts, my garden, the fish and water snails I keep and I like to let my imagination flow to strange places and events.
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    Lila Rin
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Happy and Sad
Hello Rip,

I am happy that you made your decision. I am happy reading and seeing this chapter, it is wonderfully drawn (as expected) but I am feeling sad at the same time.
But the best things are bitter sweet when they are coming to end and so I am looking forward to read the rest of the Redux on as you are a excellent writer as well.

All other things I already have told you and I only can agree with the things written in the other comments.

Thank you again for your wonderful work, especially the UlquiHime drawings, and I will watch out for your new and own stuff on DA.