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Star Rod Sewaddle
An artist who likes doing pixel art and writing, and might go back to making comics eventually. Avatar was animated by myself.

Known on DA as DragonWarriorKirby.
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Look who's back...
Hey look, it's a new comic!

The art style for this one is not sprites this time around, and it's going to be more of an adventure set in the Pokemon world rather than one of the many PMD comics out there. Hope you enjoy, I'm going to make a serious effort to keep this comic going! ^^
And a ninja star bunny chase commences! Although I guess it's more like a ninja squeak chase... oh well.
A Wild Marx Appeared!
XXIs used Beat Up!
Marx is paralyzed by shock! He may not be able to move!
Marx used Snarl! It wasn't very effective...
Marx escaped using Run Away!
The XXIs and Kirby's crew gained 4200 exp!

Well, that was an interesting turn of events.

We're all rooting for the best, Gigi!
Interlude Start!
An interlude before I get on to the main plot!
Hopefully some character pages will be added at the end of this chapter (as a decent deal of characters are introduced in it).
A song battle! Intriguing.
I'm starting to like this Rafaela character... good song choices.
Long battles make everything better. EVERYTHING.
Back to the Updates!
And so ends the prologue! Two new characters were introduced here as well~

So many mercenaries, so little time.
Wait, is He a Psychic?
...No, he just saw the distant future.

But hey, you gotta let someone know, right? Back to the action!
Interesting mission... at least they're taking Marx by surprise.
Alt Future MK, stop being so... careful. What's life without danger?
An alternate future Meta Knight? I approve of this plot twist.

So much was done on this page! I just can't think of any way to summarize it... hm.
Talk About Painful!
It may not be physical pain, but how would you feel if images of some place you visited falling to ruins invaded your mind?

Not so good. Don't go into smoke.
Alt text you say? I think that got infected as well...
Wow, that is a small house.

Poor Kirby doesn't understand this alternate future... and what's this about not returning anyway?
Caught Between a Mountain of Rock and a Not-So-Hard Place
Inhaling in smoke is dangerous. Don't try it at home! The effects are usually very dire indeed.

Inhaling this smoke triggers something for the leader Landia dragon...
Marx, how dare you! D:
This looks interesting...
The Atmosphere Is Thicker Than Usual...
Kudos if you get the reference where that line came from!

All names will be revealed in a matter of time~
That sneaky Marx!

...Why do I get a vibe he's going to ruin something in the past for the XXIs?
Mass times acceleration? Dedoo, you silly scientist!
But it looks like Clare left Caio behind... oops.
It Definetly Got Broken
First the fourth wall, gets broken, and now this.
A new teleporting ninja character who often gets lost.
Name Reveal!
The dragon who can sense things and speaks with the Bull's Eye speech bubble is named Target. (Obviously the real dragons don't have names, but how else would they distinguish each other?)

'Shall we engage as well?' basically means 'Should we come along, too?'.