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( ovo ) {I'm just a simple, little thing.)

( o<>o) {Formerly known as "rosesweet")
(;uvu) { Such old stuff there... )
(;oQo) { That I deeply regret cause of my old art..)
( o2o) { But, still use it though. )
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I hope everyone is not dead dead (oxo;;)
I finally got these guys to go and join the others soon. And I wonder if everyone is busy? Apologies, that I was busy too and forgetful. (uxu;;)

I wish we can have some fun in this collab when everyone not so busy. (ovo;;)
" My words meant nothing, compare to those who could breathe."

Name: Winter Demise
Age: 19ish
Height and Weight: 168cm and bit underweight
Race: Human(?)

Gender: Doesn't care to be called a "He" or a "She". (However, Winter had been refer as a "he" more)

Personality: Polite, Deep thinker, Apologetic, Introvert, Not active,Doesn't like to be touched unless is comfortable around the person, Sociably awkward.

Likes: Clocks, "his" inventions, to be healthy, corpses, learning new things, folk and classical music, small animals, Philosophy and Psychology.

Dislikes: Wasting too much energy, distractions, and "idiots"

Short Bio: " A young yet sickly inventor and mechanic, who, enjoys making and collecting antique clocks. "


-Winter's illness symptoms: Fragile body, slightly cold/abnormal body temperature, sickly pale skin and coughing up blood once in a while.

- 13 is one of Winter's fifteenth creations. A loyal and humble servant to "her". Also, a worried being who will do what is best for Winter.
13's design was inspired by "The Maker"

Bit more information about Winter:


I hope we can have fun here and I want to thank you for letting me join. (ovo;)