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Ta Moe
Hobby manga-artist, cosplayer and photographer.
So whenever I have some time on my hands I do something of the above.
I'm from Germany and majoured in education and English.

@Dancing Brony: haha, he IS a bartender after all XD
@Dancing Brony: Yeah, that's what his friends were all trying to tell him too :D
@Dancing Brony: thank you <3
@Dancing Brony: Well, they were both bad at hiding it XD
@amanduur: Cannot wait! I definitly want one <3
@Libor13: you can try again now - my email foulder was filled to the brim -.- why does this happen only due to a 2 week vacation? *sigh* XD
I have been back from Japan for two weeks now, but I came down with a really bad cold right afterwards - I blame the plane's aircon ^^° but we are more or less back with updates :)
@Libor13: sure :) mh, that's weird - maybe try again -->
Remember, if you are interested in purchasing your own copy of the FULL version of Trial and Error, send me an e-mail to ;) there's still time to order your copy till August 1st!
more udpates since I'll be going away and I WAS away for two weeks ^^° (with my mind that is)
Guys I'm back, and smackjeeves too LOL
last time I tried updating it wasn't working for me - then real life happened - and next weekend I'm flying off to Japan... time's sure running these days O__O
DOKOMI is over and I had a blast! Met a lot of cool people, saw many awesome people again and was simply enjoying myself :D

if anyone is interested in TRIAL AND ERROR the full volume, you can get it now - simply write me an e_mail ;D (
@miakoda.kara: yeah, it's too fast for Marc too XD
hope to see some of you next weekend at the Dokomi :D
more information about my booth at the dokomi on facebook -->
@Ash2004: HAHA ;D XD
you can get the full volume of "Trial and Error" in English now :D
send me an email to: for more information :D
waaah, howie ;__; I feel with you so much! been there where you are >.<
why are you doing this to me? *sobbing mess*
@sstogner1: oh oh - never go with a stranger to their place that fast? XD
Get your own complete copy of Trial and Error at DOKOMI '17 :D - full comic in English ;D
or volume three(contains chapter 3+4) in German :D