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As a Mother...
I can confirm that I would definitely, and have, "gotten on a line" to my son when he has said anything even akin to that nature in a comment. I will not stand by and allow such disrespect. I was gutted like a fish to bring that child into this world, I have gone through MULTIPLE coaching, teaching, courses and books on parenting and do my best to give him the best I can - so he will respect me (at the very least as a human being even if I can't get the darn little beggar to treat me as an authority over him).
*reads the alternate text*
*sniffles* You had to bring up Toby *cries so much she floods her flat*
If You Consider
...what their "courting" was like - it's entirely possible that this table has gotten shorter since the start of their marriage. I mean - their marriage can never have been GOOD.... he did kill her brother ruthlessly.
Okay - if the cover meant anything - here's what I'd go with: She fakes her and her son's death - goes on the run. Rumpy follows because magic - and they have a stand off in a forest.
I'd Pay
To see the alt text happen.
Is this the deal from her childhood or something that happened since the last time they met? Questions, questions.

Will this redeem her a little in the eyes of some of the anti-Chris, Pro-Rumpy block?
@Chelvo: He basically coerced her into sex, she "consented" but it was forced consent because she felt she had literally no other choice - which in another term is rape. Asshole yes - also a rapist - so whether he has kept his word or not those actions are pretty indefensible. Yes - Chris was making mistakes back then - she was a teenager - teenagers make mistakes. It was a mistake to go to the palace, but once she got there it was a series of events that basically trapped her there with Rumple as her only option out. It's darn naive to believe that she could have just bribed the guard and gotten out at the first point - since she'd have been taken to the king anyway, even though she did make the mistake of asking to be taken to him. From that point on - things went out of her control pretty fast.

Rumple's actions, rape on top of dealing in children, don't exactly put him "in the right".
I personally love the sync of Chris/Rumpy conversation - and comments section..... to a degree - Rumpy's side is a bit too big. Chris could do with more people in her corner. She's not exactly surrounded by friends y'know.
Just stop it now.
So don't get people's hate to Chris but constantly giving Rumple a "get out of jail" free card.

Look - She was a TEENAGER when she decided to go to the palace. She was a TEENAGER - when she caused an accident that got her locked up in jail (which terrified her), she was a TEENAGER in JAIL when she made a deal with Rumpy. She was a TEENAGER who would have been taken straight to the King regardless of if she'd tried to bribe the guard so her supposed choice there was moot anyway (and teenagers don't have the best decision making skills). She was a TEENAGER who was almost completely suckered in by a slick King (not to mention probably afraid of him and what he'd do if he tracked her down and found her had she run away) who chose not to leave and from that point on- she's been a prisoner with Rumple manipulating the situation the whole time.

I'm sorry - but Chris does not deserve your ire here. Let those teens without sin yadda yadda.
Tsk Tsk
Get back in bed young man! Don't make me come in there!
Sell her to Rumpy instead of your son as a trade.
The way it's angled...
It looks a bit like Chris is the one talking about having to magic up gold, but the words indicate it's one of the sisters...

@Viper: >_>; No - No you haven't caught up.
Not sure...
Why everyone is so concerned about going to fetch Ratthing. I keep thinking that likely when Ratthing was knocked away that little "ding" star that appeared was him returning to his pok├ęball. *shrug* Could just be me. I mean - if Ratthing was really gone wouldn't George being going ape---- at Atty?