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Hey Atty, can we get some fan service man? ._.
O3O Moar pwease?

Whats gunna happen to poor wittle Tweek?
I wanted to let you know, even though I don't usually comment, that I love the comic and I applaud you for your willingness to share what you enjoy with us. Thank you for that, truly. I hope you continue to share with us what you love!

Thank you~
Nice style, good story, can't wait to read more~
Happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you! happy birthday dear kuro-Sama! happy birthday to you!~

i really like this story, everytime i long on there is always exciting updates that i look foreward to reading. thank you for taking time out to make things like this for others to enjoy.
"Alas ya have been fooled, for in 5, 4, 3, 2.."
'What is he saying?'

lol rotflmfao i almost fell off my bed laughing about that. it was freaking hilarious. good job keep up the great job thinking Kouri uke for the special pic....?
What the hell?! you cant leave it there get back here and update and tell me what happens!
I agree with Eriizabeto, u should do a nice profile pic of Kuro-tan so we can print him out and hang him on our doors!!

tooo cute! i loved this little Extra section u did, it was off topic but much appreciated! lots of love for kuro-tan and Sayaka....
O.O....(jaw drops) you arent just gunna let it there right? you'll update quick right...?
ah...good ole smut! it should win every argument.....
nice page by the way! i always enjoy ur work, i check it like three times a day to see if u updated....IM NOT OBSESSED!
*glances around* poor tissues...*shoves tampons up nose* ah, dev-chan another wonderful masterpiece!

im editing- dev-chan~ you cant leave this at such a breath holder of a cliffie! please update! and your art is like a bazillion times better then mine!

Makoto Misuharu-hm...ur vagina or my nose...i think my nose beats your vagina! besides the world wont run out of them! ^.^ *throws you a box of tampons* enjoy!
...........OMFG!! update again reeeeaaalllyy soon! please! i cant wait to see how this plays out, once again, great art work and forever will you be my favorite artist on here!!
i actually never have a problem with a crane machine, every time i try i always get that i think about it, it is kind of weird.....@.@
Who's seme?
i've wondered that too...who is the seme in that relationship? i mean Sayaka can be very commanding when he wants but at the same time Kuro-tan is the 'dad' so it kind of makes u*wonders off and ponders the rest of the day*