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Um hi Im Venes......

Life feels weird to me right now o;

and ilu my BFFLs on here <3

Im not that good at spriting or making comics... ;(
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    Meow Mix
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Hauu au au au :c
Well this is my first post I joined like a few months ago but I didnt do anything so uh yeah here's my drawing X3
Worst comic evuh made :c
Tell your mom and/or call police/child care ect :c

I dun want you to die ;_;
I'm going to eat you
I smell a new plot

... That or a new fad (B
You did great~! X3

Don't leave :c
-laughs- HOLY CRUD. XDDD Femal Dog Demond lol
Mmmmmm.... Sorta. XD I was here just not part of teh comic... ye. XD;;;
Lol, sooo crappy. D:
Lol yayith. XD