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Nah, I'm alright.
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It's Official for me...
I have decided that in my mind, I have rendered the actual Bleach fictional and your's will be the real damn Bleach. This is how it should've been. How it could've been. I'm annoyed by it since Ulqui was killed off in the arc, and I couldn't move past Aizen's defeat. So to me, my dear and imaginative friend... this is what it should be.
I will never be able to thank-you for putting what could've been up. Damnit, Orihime deserved someone in the end. If Ulqui doesn't truly come back, I can see her just letting herself get pushed into the background. No, no she deserved so much better. And as far as I'm concerned, IchiHime... he's like a cyst to her well-being, constantly tugging and agonizing her into complacency. UlquiHime, now that pairing is magical to me. And you've simply reaffirmed my feelings into fruition. They deserve each other.
And furthermore, I think I speak for a lot of people when I say it. To hell with Shounen animes. God, they lack so much realism.
But in any case, thank-you, Rip. Thank-you for ending this on such a good note.
Much love and warm regards,
@motherdevampire: She thinks the one person she can help is going to simply walk away. I'd be bawling too.
Oh my gosh... the adorable mini-bat wings at panel 1. Oh my gosh...
Love It
Ohh~ It's like he's saying she's precious cargo. I... LOVE IT.
Oh here it Comes.
That is the most adorable picture of Nel and Orihime I have ever seen. I'm surely dead. Am I dead? Oh well, I am just so pleased with your work!
I've seen this somewhere...
Honestly, this reminds me a lot of when Orihime ran up and slapped Ulquiorra in the anime. I enjoy how relatable you make the two. Truly impeccable. I can't wait to read on!