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2 years, I think. I just looked back at the comics who were in the end of my list and wondered why it suddenly stopped. It'd be very happy to see it continue.
Is this dead?;(
Eh, I'll be staying with only Sid and Couse now.
Woah, Monna as evil as Kasimar.
Friendship is tribal victory.
I liked Bonnie far more in the season than in SFC9, if I must say. At least this season wasn't all about her...fuck it, this is one of the best F2 and I really wouldn't mind any of them winning.
That's, actually fucking genius.
I think of all the girls only Minerva is worth something.
I don't get it, one lawsuit ain't enough for her?
Jackie is the man!
Go Angry!...
Stop replying to trolls, dude.
His revenge is a lawsuit, but this can be a very pleasant bonus ^w^
Yes, because Sanza knows how it is to be accused of rape. Asshole.
Sigh, such repeat of SFC9...
September 9th, 2012