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Count Cryptic
Im a spider. I hate spiders. Its a curse from the higher order.
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and he picked on ink for being a child. sigh.
does he really have no way of finding them? i would figure sandman would have tried something like this before.
so is the sandman... evil? or just really hate our melancholy monarch?
Count Cryptic
March 16th, 2014
how about Enka
you friend seems kinda dense doesnt she?
really silly
Wow, thats just silly
this world
why does all this make me think Wonderland?
I bet jasper created ink
Count Cryptic
September 22nd, 2013
nooo! the ghost is injured now!!! i love this comic
And so all of my decedents were born with the ability to defy gravity and float aimlessly. It really sucks when your sleeping.
old hunter guy
HOLY... you guys didnt tell me we were going to kill a wealthy entrepenur VAMPIRE?!
I love the characters. No one woves lill Ink, whimper.
wow he is just as creepy as boogyman
its a trap!
Star Thingy
beard man should use it to save himself. pray pray pray!
Beardy man became so scared he lost the ability to feel emotions.
he looks like ole drack
satan time
he is ear whispering