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September 1st, 2015
So is Yadon about get real, or is he about to start cryin?
Is that Honey from Space Dandy?
But you gotta catch'em all!
I can't believe I never noticed Chikorita can't learn Vine Whip. *sigh* Time to turn in my trainer license. :(
Ghost cookies... best idea ever! Anyway keep up the great work and congrats! I look forward to your next milestone!
So since Del touched it and apparently nobody would want it now does that mean the price will go down, equaling a cheaper bag? If that's the case then Del should just start touching everything in the store. EVERYBODY GETS A DEL DISCOUNT!
If I was Warren right now I'd be thinking "Now how can I milk this?" I mean if dudes are just willing to give up free stuff for a probability to not get punched in the face then yeah milk it.
I think we're all forgetting that Wigglytuff is part Fairy now. So Gengar's Poison type attack will pack quite a punch.
Danny Sexbang is the best Pokemans Master
Should have been paying attention during the lesson.
Blindsided by a Hyper Beam! That has got to be one of my favorite moments in this story.
THUNDER GO!!! Yeah I read them.
Flung Pichu like a football
It'd be cool if he caught it in reaction.
I wonder what Liam's reaction was when he heard his dad make that last comment. (I'd be creeped out)
If that isn't the coolest training...
@crispybagel: Glad I could help!
From this conversation I can tell this comic is gonna go places!

Anyway here's an idea for Mewtwo. His goal would be to create the world that suites his ideals by taking the place of Mew as the balance of power; since their powers are so similar. And maybe he could have a few henchmen, assassins, etc., on his side to try and eliminate Mew (Also some of them could share the same ideals as Mewtwo while others could be just a gun for hire, maybe?). Cause Mew's memory loss isn't enough for him. Nothing must get in the way!