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I like webcomics :D
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Dem sideburns tho
I can't wait for more updates *^*
This comic is just so wonderful so far!!
I have a question!
Are you doing <3 Art completely on the tablet, or are you scanning in pages and then coloring with a tablet?
Aww Shuno is a sweetheart ;_;
What a dick.
Am I the only one noticing the tellatubbies? O.O
Oh wow I can't imagine how long it must take to draw these beautiful pages ;_;
Omg I just love Freddy <3 him and Rex are my fav characters!!!
He's such a realistic thinker, which is rare in BL :O
Uh Ohh D:
I don't want Aki to cry in the next scene, but I predict it might happen!!! ;_;
Either that or a touching explaining scene :,D
Or both.
I didn't realize Gabe's dick was so average-sized :O
Well not everyone can have the biggest dicks in mankind :P
Neeerrrr!!! ;_;
Tomoya seems kinda pissed Yuki's leaving :O
This is the first time I've felt compelled to actually buy something from a web comic.... When I get some money I am definitely buying dat first volume :D
This scene reminds me of The Last Of Us o.o hehe like the stealth mode :D
But omgizzles this is suspenseful !!
Omg that smex scene was haaaaawt!!! Thanks for being so awesome at drawing, Crimson-san :O !!!!!
But one thing I thought of: I hope they didn't french kiss after that experience!!! I wouldn't (if I were a guy) want to taste my own cum by French kissing my partner, even if it was after such an awesome bj scene like yours *-*
Time for some badassery to go on!!!
Omfgg those hands are so elegant and beautiful <3
I like how Hisawa actually has short hair; in a lot of mangas all the characters have long hair cuz short hair is harder to draw >.> But you pulled it off really awesomely!!
I can't wait for more of dem child care scenes XD and the character development is amazing :P
Haha how'd Aki get such cute pajamas!? :O
I love all of your web comics, btw XD
"No one can hear or see us here..." That line had me thinking some cray stuff XD