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Hello my name is Alex, you can call me Alex or Ally it doesn't matter. I am in college to get my degree in Art and hopefully become a Manga Artist ^^. I love to draw Anime, I love to swim, I love to play videogames, I love to play World of Warcraft, and I love to hang with my friends and family ^^. I also love to meet new people so if you wanna get to know me jusst shoot me a message ^^.
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    Alex Reeder
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I love that ur still writing but u stopped drawing at the best part X3!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sad Face :(
I have been reading this comic for months now and its something that I have been looking forward to every few months. I have loved this Manga so much but since you can't bring yourself to finish it, its perfectly fine. I bet everyone will understand. Hopefully in the future you can bring yourself to finish it but my suggestion is you work on it piece by piece. When you feel the motivation to make another page then you can do it. But when you finish a page, post it. Don't post it by chapter. Hopefully you can still work on it slowly and I look forward to seeing your own ideas come to life. You are a VERY gifted artist and I will still follow your work ^^.

From a fan,