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I like reading comics and whatever. o(0.0)o
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uhh for the refrence is it the pizza delivery or the hibernation one?
crazy cursing cream ftw! i better be right but if i am it takes the fun out of every thing well for me
emo song
oh i thought the emo song was this (hehehe) a lot of people call it the emo song which seems more appropriate for the movie. im srry but just my opinion... HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO ME?
well probably not but... his sprite is from megaman and he is gonna play megaman 9! megaman will win! well probably not...
omfg kid pix!
im not sure but i think roll will like sonic cuz she is always cleaning but i forgot why amy liked megaman. it was from a previous comic i think. or maybe it was another comic...
i feel another back shot coming =) or maybe not...
someone is gonna be pissed
and his name is sonic unless he comes to the rescue but im pretty sure he wont
his father is A.Darth Vader or C.Me(crusty_kris)
charmander's flame on it's tail is out!It died.T.T
What happend to dgf? he made the comic and he doesn't do anything any more.
Spelling Error
You did the same error again. o(u.u)o
Spelling Error
On the 3rd panel you spelled our wrong.

(Don't yell at me just because I said that.)