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Gilded Cage
A bl webcomic that revolves around the adventures of Caleb and Connor, two strangers who meet one fateful night at the local bar. Their tale is one of love and self discovery as they overcome their pasts and those that would use them for their own profit.

Or... something like that anyway :)
Thanks for reading!
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500 FANS
We never thought that we'd reach 500 fans or more! That is so amazing. :) Thank you guys so much for the support and we hope that you continue to enjoy the comic in the future.
We know some people have mentioned that what's going on is a little vague right now but in the next two or three pages it will be sorting itself out. :)

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Gilded Cage
November 17th, 2013
@AliceAcid: Haha. Yeah, the homepage has the lineart for the newest page up. I'm hoping to get some time to color it soon. t.t

It really is a hard transition! I never expected it to be this difficult to be honest. There was just no time left over for me to get the next pages out no matter how much I wanted to work on them. :(

Thanks for being so understanding. You rock!
Gilded Cage
November 17th, 2013
Sorry for the long delay guys. Animation school has been kicking my ass and I barely get any free time. Luckily I found some hours tonight when I should have been sleeping to bring you the next page.

I'm hoping that in the next few weeks that I'll be able to get some more pages out. It's just been really hard transitioning back into school after being in the workforce for five years.

Love you guys!
Lori and Sai
Gilded Cage
September 11th, 2013
@TheGYouLoveToHate: I'm glad you like it! :) We had to take a little mini hiatus last week since it was my birthday and I didn't have a chance to finish the next page. But it will hopefully be back on schedule this Saturday so stay tuned!
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Darn Connor's hair.. so hard to draw O.o

For the newest page check out our website at :)
For the newest page check out the main site at :)
@AlkseeyaKC: Thanks! :)
check out the next page of Gilded Cage on the main website at :)

Sorry for the one day delay on this page. My cat just got spade and she needed supervision due to her tendency to lick her stitches and froth at the mouth in anger when a cone was put on her. o.o
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Check out the newest page of Gilded Cage up on the website!
Felt like sharing the front and back of the cover for the first book when we print it. I'll eventually go back and fix a few things but I still really like how it turned out. Enjoy :)
@pleasingMOFO: Or many things have many different types of maws and claws. :) *whistles innocently*
@kyojikusagami: Haha. Maybe we should have the claim that these are fictional characters and in no way represent other awesome boyfriends or creeps. XD XD
@pleasingMOFO: Yes those are a lot of bite marks. :) I'm actually thrilled that they look like bite marks and you could recognize them! I always get so worried that I'm not representing the scars properly. Thank you very much for the comment!
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@AscherWolf4: Haha, yes you will have to continue reading. :) I'm not the type to give away big spoilers like that but I hope this got you interested to come back!
Wow everyone! Here's a teaser of epic foreshadowing proportions.

As a thanks for all the support we have gotten so far. You want to know more about what's happening here and the significance of the picture? Then stick around. :)

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