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It's nice around here, I'll admit it's a little dead but still!
IT'S A MINERAL ohh... wait no you are right it's a rock...
October 19th, 2013
@Annabeld: eh... ...
the only reason that keep me making this shit I call a comic is the desire to complete a chapter. I don't think this is a good enough reason tho...
... there probably won't be an other page.
*monoklo lance dernier joker*
Désoler pas de page cette semaine parcontre si vous avez appréciez cette illustration et souhaiter la télécharger elle est disponible ici: 7rn.jpg
*monoklo sent last joker*
Sorry there is no page of DBW this week. If you liked this illustration you can download it here: d7rn.jpg
September 21st, 2013
Nothing to say except:
Drank way too much, not hangover!
September 14th, 2013
If you didn't enjoy my comic so far, please feel free to tell me why, and if you did enjoy it... what are you. -_-;
@Tarkanix.: It's also a poorly translated english comic check it out!
Remember this project I talked about 2-4 weeks ago. Well it pretty much died in the egg so I'm keeping this comic updated for as long as I will be able to pull a page a week.
Have a nice week knowing that I'm a weak minded stalker... oh and if someone is reading this please reply with a fu-.

EDIT: By the way I didn't intend to spam the recent upload page but now that it is done...

EDIT: And at last I've decided I would submit my page precisly on Saturday 20:00 UTC/GMT -5 hours from now but I'm sure you don't care -_-;

-Your all mighty Nihilist Monoklo...
Dammit had to re-upload this since I forgot the blue part on Dareel's jacket.
I might choose to end/put on hiatus this comic sooner then I thought. Some friends of mine decided they wanted to start creating a video game. So if I want to give this project a chance I'll have to put an end to my comic.
@Mio_Chouseki: what do you think it'll just shrink like magic!
August 12th, 2013
yay! a new page :D nothing to say really I'm just awfuly bored and this puts a little bit of sunshine in my boredom... if this even make sense.
I think I'm having a seizure...
*french to english trad: Hey mister magician is inside the arena!*

I really should say something here... well I could start by apologizing for the general pace of this comics every page taking one week there really should be more content stacked inside a page. Truth is Dumb beetles world wasn't designed for such a format. It should have been a black and white comic with a chapter every now and then. The constraint of having to pull a fully colored page makes it hard to post more than one page a week (all though I could if I had more motivation I could).
So I hope you will stay with me as the upcoming pages are obviously going to be combat oriented (making it even more slow paced...) I could rush trough those pages in order to deliver more content but I'm still not sure whether I will keep going after chapter one, I've got a lot of project and truth is dumb beetles world is my practice, a comics I wrote to avoid jumping into things too fast and ruin other "better" ideas. So I'm going as slowly as I can in order to think about it and come up with a definitive answer. After all my comics skills are far from perfect and I'm starting to get ideas for the upcoming chapter.
AWESOME COMIC gave you a shout here: