I write about hermaphroditic aliens in a pseudo-slavery fantasy/sci-fi environment- though they are obviously male-oriented. Lots of sex and violence.

I enjoy very good art, and have many loves: books, video games, comics for a pinch.

I also have blog where I talk about anything, a lot of religion and random stuff, and writing, of course. Drop me a line if you're interested in some deep BDSM, too.
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I can't take any sexual tension whatsoever *faints dead away*
There's nothing wrong with you at all. Nothiiiiing So beautiful and lovelyyyyyyy
Interrupting... Yes. Of course you are XD
Two lovely people. On the outside. Inside is debatable.
omg I just checked on this today and I'm just so so so so so happy to see it is going again. I hope mama life is doing you well, and, of course, these are great updates to see.
I was not expecting that. The kiss... and then the untying... XD
Ooooo... Division among the mutants. This is getting much less simple nooooooo
I think Samekh has the whole thing in good understanding. And I love how there are two cultures within a whole other race that's not human. It's so deliciously nuanced *smacks lips*
April 11th, 2017
The expressionsssssssss! It makes me want to roll back in forth in happiness
March 13th, 2017
omg that was the most adorable thing eveeeeeeerrrrr
February 12th, 2017
@yasha.queen: Oh yes, that's true, but not really the point I was trying to argue ^^;
February 11th, 2017
@yasha.queen: well, if that's exactly what HE expected of Val before, why not the other way around?

February 8th, 2017
So you're not interested in men? Did I miss that memo? Or does he want sex that is more equal in footing? I shall wait for the answer, but the whole "I'm a man, so I should lead" thing makes my eyes roll to my brain
October 16th, 2016
Aldi ain't worried about nothin'. I don't know, I just feel that he's awful brave to do this right here when he wants to
October 4th, 2016
I like how he reaches for the hair. Like, that's all I want to do.
September 23rd, 2016
I didn't get that it was a request until I read the comments... XD
That red lining. Gave me a shudder...
August 6th, 2016
The way he's turned away and hugging the pillow makes me want to just ravish him. Also, the tail is cute! Here I was thinking it was something to be scared of- but it's like Leela's eye in Futurama XD
If he didn't mean to kill them, then you shouldn't treat him as such. Goodness, they were going to throw him in jail?

I'm too sensitive about children, even fictional ones, lol
With just that first line, you can tell the history that has happened between them and then the King saying she'll be a judge or lawyer to help him OMG <3