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link isn't working for this page or previous pages 3:
Don't worry about not updating for awhile, just concentrate on this new project, because yay new project ^(^-^)^
I like where you've introduced Nami in your comic, it was really heavy, and sad but you've added a bit of lightness and hilarity with her character
...also, oh my jeebus the hair
I love this, I've just read it all so have the cutest chibis ever, I love your characters, and I'm a sucker for a gay footballer ;3
Please update more, thanks for the fantastic read ^-^
I love this lady already ^-^
Awws, they're such cutie pies :3
Take care of yourself first hun, don't push yourself to do anything until you feel better, your fans will understand if you need to take a break
;.; ghost baby....I know he's trying to protect Eames by staying silent, but Eames already knows that stairs didn't do that...confide in them ghost ;-;
....sorry if my review is lacking, but this just makes me so sad
yay Lestrade :3
Robyn you just went from conceited arsehole to....this
And as if, Eames would and can and hopefully will kick your arse >_>
Poor Ghost ;-;
Robyn you had best step off right now, get it through your thick skull that you are not wanted and Ghost has too much of a shy, pushover personality to tell you to leave him alone
Eames please come back and just deck Ryan, give him an arse kicking that he won't ever forget >_>
well hello plot it my imagination or does Sherlock look extremely pissed off now?
Ghost you fix this right now >.<
Do not let Eames leave!!
Eames you look so sad ;-;
Ghost what are you doing?? I just.... AHhhhhhhh, seriously you are not right? If you break Eames's heart, I don't know if we can be friends Ghost >->
John your BAMF is showing ;)
awwwws so cute, and I love the colors c:
and rest those hands, hope you feel better soon!!
Robyn go away no one likes you, sheesh, even with the evidence directly in his face, he still has that douche puppet attitude....and Ghost, because he is adorable, and slightly oblivious :3
It's Robyn isn't it....? Gods mood killer, also I would love another bl from you, <3 <3 <3
Please do seek help, regardless of what your mother says. And I like the sketchbook feel of this, you're churning out a page every day lady, that's hard work for anyone, you're doing a fantastic job!! Also I have been told that I had a really creepy smile on my face, when I viewed today's page x3
Get some Ghost!!! \(^-^)/