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I like to skate, whatch parkour videos, make sprites, and whatch animes(Toriko, One Piece, Fairy Tale and Naruto).

I am the type of person who stays at home doing nothing important but likes to do a lot.
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Even if he was invisible, he could still hear.
@Koren:Sonic the Hedgehog:Chaos,Eggman Robots,Metal Sonic,Sonic,Big,Silver,Tails,Cream,Dr.Eggman,Espio,Classic Sonic,Blaze,Gemel,e-102 Gamma,Charmy,Tikal,Marine,Mephiles,Chao,Shadow,Rouge,Vector,Mighty,Amy,Omega and Super Sonic over.
Found him after 5 minutes at starring to this picture.( my eyes they burn ).
I'm confused but nice drawings.