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Greetings, dear readers, I am Dr. Giggles and I am here to administer your regularly prescribed dose of crazy.

Truth be told, I am more of a writer than an artist, but I am hoping to improve my skills with a few shorts and then move onto bigger comics. Hopefully I can make a career out of this or something (I don't seem to be doing anything else with my life anyway). Any support or advice will be greatly appreciated!

I hope that you all will enjoy my comics!
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She isn't curious as to why in a house without power, the TV us still on?
Burn it. And not to CD.
Yeah, stretch marks. I have the too, cause I'm tall and thin. I remember I actually had a massive growth spurt in second grade right in the middle of class. The pain was unpleasant, the humiliation more so.
It's okay. Have a nice summer!
conveniently your town is the first on the bad guy's list, despite being in the middle of nowhere and having no strategic value. Also conveniently, you are the only one who can stop them. Sure, there be about a half of dozen of other people who can do the job, but we all know who the workload will fall to, don't we?
Witchcraft Murkrow
Get your hand off my eye before I break it.

Rage-chan is just an explosion waiting to happen.
Looks like something is about to blow.
@Starempress: I was knew a a guy named Hobart that went by Hobo.
Did that really just happen?! But-but

The truth is a lie, the mirror has shattered like reality glass, the universe unmade has been broken, the end is long past, buy gold, bye!

Oh, hello Rylie.
Dr. Giggles
July 3rd, 2018
"I don't trust him."

Considering that Charlie is hitting all the marks of a stalker, after having made her miserable in school, that is understandable.
This story is very interesting. Most guys, in an almost all girls school, probably would have fallen harder. But this guy keeps composure very well.
I feel your pain. Give into the madness. It will set you free... And set you back about $107.46.
The holiday is an excuse to eat apples. Don't particularly care for them myself, but at least it fills a day with something.
Those last three panels. The high point of any SWATBots life... right before it all goes sideways.
Always nice to see a Sonic comic that doesn't rely on sprites.
Sorry, buddy, looks like her attentions are elsewhere...
Huh, seems all he needed was a "push" in the "right" direction.
Ah, the naivety of youth... The poor fool won't know what hit him.