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Greetings, dear readers, I am Dr. Giggles and I am here to administer your regularly prescribed dose of crazy.

Truth be told, I am more of a writer than an artist, but I am hoping to improve my skills with a few shorts and then move onto bigger comics. Hopefully I can make a career out of this or something (I don't seem to be doing anything else with my life anyway). Any support or advice will be greatly appreciated!

I hope that you all will enjoy my comics!
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    D. R. G.
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Go Go PR
Yost at Cranston? Feeling Mighty Blue, but on a good kind of way!
Dr. Giggles
January 25th, 2019
Two weeks in! You're doing great!
I feel the in-flight entertainment is lacking, but what do they do when someone must relieve themselves?
Great, from sex puns to electric puns...
Dr. Giggles
October 29th, 2018
Well, isn't she just a ray of sunshine?
@KR Kaizer: Really? He don't too comfortable getting crushed like that.
I know this will sound random, but that lightning bolt looks sort of like artistic depictions of the Eye of Ra (or is it Horus)?
Self-depreciation, check!
Knowing how things go, it'll turn out that it's a modified vacuum bot.
The world's biggest... Yeah, I'm gonna stop that right there.

Rule of thumb, random quakes are not a good sign. Especially if you don't live near fault lines.
I'm getting a Severed vibe. Hope that's not a bad omen.
Does she know that she's kind of a moron?
Someone's been juicing.
Or the off button. That works too.
Holds up game cartridge *crunch*
Flare Up Burning! Rage Finish!
Well, sword gate is an interesting design choice.
Those are not effects. She really did just set her living room on fire.
Ah, the quarry. Good old quarry. Toku always finds one reason or another to film at such locations.
Here go! Henshin!