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Greetings, dear readers, I am Dr. Giggles and I am here to administer your regularly prescribed dose of crazy.

Truth be told, I am more of a writer than an artist, but I am hoping to improve my skills with a few shorts and then move onto bigger comics. Hopefully I can make a career out of this or something (I don't seem to be doing anything else with my life anyway). Any support or advice will be greatly appreciated!

I hope that you all will enjoy my comics!
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    D. R. G.
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Stranger danger! Stranger danger!
On this ship we sail...
"And single"

... That is an odd tidbit of information to drop in a conversation.
He says don't get too close and she pulls out the swords!
I'm sorry Assistant, but I'm afraid I'll have to issue a penalty.

Looks like she won't be the only one dealing with the unexpected in a second or two...
Go Go PR
Yost at Cranston? Feeling Mighty Blue, but on a good kind of way!
Dr. Giggles
January 25th, 2019
Two weeks in! You're doing great!
I feel the in-flight entertainment is lacking, but what do they do when someone must relieve themselves?
Great, from sex puns to electric puns...
Dr. Giggles
October 29th, 2018
Well, isn't she just a ray of sunshine?
@KR Kaizer: Really? He don't too comfortable getting crushed like that.
I know this will sound random, but that lightning bolt looks sort of like artistic depictions of the Eye of Ra (or is it Horus)?
Self-depreciation, check!
Knowing how things go, it'll turn out that it's a modified vacuum bot.
The world's biggest... Yeah, I'm gonna stop that right there.

Rule of thumb, random quakes are not a good sign. Especially if you don't live near fault lines.
I'm getting a Severed vibe. Hope that's not a bad omen.
Does she know that she's kind of a moron?