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Greetings, dear readers, I am Dr. Giggles and I am here to administer your regularly prescribed dose of crazy.

Truth be told, I am more of a writer than an artist, but I am hoping to improve my skills with a few shorts and then move onto bigger comics. Hopefully I can make a career out of this or something (I don't seem to be doing anything else with my life anyway). Any support or advice will be greatly appreciated!

I hope that you all will enjoy my comics!
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The holiday is an excuse to eat apples. Don't particularly care for them myself, but at least it fills a day with something.
Those last three panels. The high point of any SWATBots life... right before it all goes sideways.
Always nice to see a Sonic comic that doesn't rely on sprites.
Sorry, buddy, looks like her attentions are elsewhere...
Huh, seems all he needed was a "push" in the "right" direction.
Ah, the naivety of youth... The poor fool won't know what hit him.
My advice: keep it, then upload the intended page as the next page. 'Course that only works if the page fits in with the situation, but it'd still be funny.
He's going to fly like Martian Manhunter?
A genie (djinn) named Khan? Hmm, Khan? Con?
Story looks interesting, so far. Look forward to seeing more.
Yeah, not all mutations are good.
Rummaging your bag. Looting your stuff.
Well, no drumsticks tonight.
Going through similar circumstances myself, I completely understand. Webcomics are fun and this one is one of the greats in my own opinion, but real life comes first. You have given us a wonderful story and I wish you luck on doing the same on a professional level.

Until then, stay golden and thanks for the memories.
Home again, home again...
When all you have in life is power and hate, you quickly turn on one another.
Ouch, horn scream.
...Robo Angel?
Hey, look, it's Proto-None! Really digging it and Chris' outfits here.
Good question. Is one's life's work worth their life?