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Imaginary Friends
I´m lazy and slow. Very slow. And very lazy.
It couldn't possibly be that I'm dead already?
Dear SafireCharmz,
thank you for your comment.
I'm sorry if I have offended you with anything but you see, this page was drawn in 2008 and the characters are even older. Of course, I didn't mean that everyone from the Caribbean is stupid or practises Voodoo.
Also, this older comic which I referenced here was really badly written and drawn (which is the reason why I never continued it) and this reference was only thrown in because the story still is in the same universe with some of the old characters (also, because I draw this for my sister and she's the only one who knows the old comic, so I guess it was a bad idea). So, I apologise if this one reference makes me seem racist. I really have no problems with people of any race.
But as the mention of this character doesn't have any real importance to this story, I hope you can look over it and still enjoy the story.
Again, I'm very sorry if I have offended you.
Drawing Edouard's friends was fun but I'm still not sure how to name them...

Akunen: Well, who doesn't? :D My old school had a periodic table with lots of fancy pictures. It was awesome...

Striped Orange Socks: Hehe :D
Well, Edouard, what are they doing there?

School starts tomorrow and I'm going to have my exams this year. So yeah, updates will come even more randomly than they do already.

the-star-samurai: Thanks, glad you like. I think it's one of my favourite pages so far (=
So, after a looooooong time, I'm up to date with the story again. And I remember this part too well. Poor Liam...

Also, I like this new style :D
Haha, I nearly forgot that I had this page finished. Well, translating it was hard enough (and I don't think I did a job there...)
But all in all I quite like how this page turned out and writing Fili/Guillaume dialogue is always fun :D
Fili is such a dramaqueen...
Poor Guillaume, Fili never lets him sleep...

@Akunen: I'm glad it's not too confusing ^^"
@katiejuby: Thanks, I practised quite a bit (=
So, it took me two months to finish a new page. Can I get any slower?

I hope you still remember the bet between Guillaume and Fili which ended with Guillaume getting a tattoo (it's dioxin by the way).

The last panel turned out a bit confusing, I guess. Guillaume's not dreaming, it's just a failed attempt at making a connection to the next scene. And well, the look like the melted together...
Haaaaai! It's me!
Sorry for being away so long. After my week in Prague (which was awesome, btw), I had so much school work to do and didn't really feel like working on this comic.
I guess the updates will be more random in the next time because of all the tests and stuff in school...

But well, I hope you enjoy this little bit of fanservice nevertheless (=
Drawing kissing people is hard but I'm trying (=

Next Sunday will be probably update-less because I'm off to Prague tomorrow and won't be drawing.
But well, I hope you still enjoy this page (=

(I don't think the translation of the last panel makes much sense...)
I'm getting slowly to the parts which I wanted to draw for quite some time (=

Oh, and Guillaume's not talking to himself (that was one of the things my sis suggested)
It's kind of obvious who's with him or is that just because I know what's coming?
The sign next to my laptop which says: "Gugus!!!" finally had some effect XD
I'm late again )=
Well, I was very unhappy with this page.
The twins' noses drive me mad lately. It's like I can't draw them anymore. I need to practice them more, I guess...

Also, school starts next Wednesday TT.TT
Fili really hates being alone, but he can be also really picky about his company at times.
I said I'd make something nice and here it is.
Drawing Aurelie is fun :D

Oh, yeah, and don't miss the page before this.
Okay, I was lazy. Must be the heat (but otherwise I'm enjoying my holidays :D)

Aww, and I have nearly 80 readers now? O.O
Well, maybe I should make something nice as little thank-you (=
No backgrounds again because I had other things to do.

Edouard can be a slow thinker sometimes...
Yay for awkward dialogue!

I played around with textures and stuff a bit. It came out quite good, I think...

And I think I'll give parts of the site a little makeover (=

@Striped Orange Socks: Well, most of the shirts aren't that original, so yeah, I guess it's okay (and it's nice that you asked first ^^)
I totally forgot what I wanted to say (just like I forgot to draw backgrounds ^^")

Well, anyway... Edouard and his math-shirts are back (=
Okay, so I went back to the roots and found exactly what I was missing. Well, and I changed to SAI again (=

Sooo...let's move on to the fun parts, yeah?
My holidays are going to start next week and I really hope that I'll draw more then...
Here's the page from last week ^^"
You know, I'm really lazy at the moment with drawing comics (that project for my German class was really exhausting but I got very good grades, hehe...)
I think the next pages will be different because I don't like the look of the current ones anymore. Stylechange, woohoo!
So yeah, we'll see (=

@Striped Orange Socks: They're on the way ;-)