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I'm just a regular old gal, honest. Well, minus the fact I live in a musical. 99.9% sure that's not normal.
@PonderingDreamer: Oh, your opinion is always important! I'm glad my references aren't too vague, as they sometimes can be, and that you enjoyed the comic as much as I did making it. Also, not gonna lie, I was extremely proud of myself for coming up with ka-CRY-ii so late into the night. Thank you so much for the comment and I'll be sure to continue making comics!
@UnoriGal: Aaaaw thank you for liking my humor! Really this all started because my friend said Gabe couldn't beat Dean in a fight. Obviously she doesn't know Gabriel's track record XD. Again, thank you for the comment!!
How do webcomic???????
Kawaii more like Ka-CRY-ii u feel me