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I'm Asha! I like to waste time on the internet. My OTP is ZaDr. I like ctyptozoology, gelotology, inter-dimensional hypotheses, and cookies.
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You have no idea how much I love this page!!!
I like Nic in the last panel, with his missing eye.
About your Z'narnian species; if they can float does that mean they can fly? I assume they can't, but what's the difference for them between floating and flying?
Their species name is Z'narnian. It says so on the 'The Aliens' link page. Derek and Val's species name is Dorak (and the little shadow monster guy who likes to try to crush people with rocks, his name [not species name, just regular name] is Chaz!).
Jackie's pose in the 5th panel = so cute! I love your alien species! You make them so cool (and float-y) without making them one of those 'mary-sue species'. Same goes for the Doraks! (minus the floating)
Yea Jackie looks totally beautiful with her flowing hair (and floating). Fabulous! And Nic's face in the first panel; greatest look ever! Your comic is awesome in every way.
Awesome, as always. But you know what was more awesome? Your pokemon SwapNote. Surprise! I'm that one 3DS friendcode stalker, Asha. I was like 'OMG comics on video games'. I wanted to send a reply, but I couldn't fully praise you with the space I was given. P.S. Your 24 hour comic was amazing and so DEEP! It gave me a feel.
Well, I think the reason for not having sound effects is because this sequence is more of a montage (not that I know what the author was thinking, so I can't speak for her). When you look at it that way it makes a lot more sense. Personally, I love the effect it creates.
But wasn't he wearing a bag too? Both the bags are gone. Bum Bum BUM
I see what you did there, breaking the fourth wall. Love it!
I have a question. Is it normal for her species to levitate and/or make protective bubbles, or is she able to do that through special soldier training or something? Is there anywhere where you have species info already? Please and thanks!
I love Derek in the second panel. Just standing in the background. He's like 'I'm so evil. Derp.'!
His appearance and attitude remind me of 'The Once-ler' from the Lorax. I imagine him randomly saying "How bad can I possibly be?".
I really love your art style. It's so simple, but it's perfect!
Love it!
I get it. They were changing into their costumes, and the handcuffs were to catch bad guys. *Sigh* Well, at least they were changing in front of each other. I still ship it!
I think I see where this is going! XD