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Azure Moses
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The correct expression would be "Dios mio", just saying
@coats: in his defense He HAD a very intimate n' physical relationship with a girl before so, yeah, there's that.
I love Sunshine's new hairdo, it shows maturity
Dios amiga, con esa boca besas a tu madre? hihihi
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh si si si mas hermanos discutiendo en espaƱol mientras el novio los mira sin enteder nada
@yasha.queen: Yeah he seems safer in the water with the pack of apex predators, except for Russel he is too cinnamon roll.
Funny how at first Logan does everything he can to look everywhere but at Brian eyes until the exact same thing he accuses Brian of doing, "who asked you to look?" Just are ya baby c-roll is looking at Brian's face finally.

Also, ya make love to the paper with Brian's body lines, those are beauty, masculintiy n' seemingly perfection in a casual modern guy way, he isn't too muscular or slim or tall, but to say he is just regular handsome is too little, maybe I am just reading too much into just fictional character but I do love Brian n' yar art n' think ya have done great with both of them.
Let's play a game called build a pillow fort onto yar special/significant other.
No again, jeez poor Toshiyuki
Since school jeez that's a long time there.
*with my best Yoda impression* If on yar knees you should go, gulp you should do!
Way to go Toshy! Show Nori how men love is like!
Hot kiss alert people!!! *Toshiyuki intensified*
Just like Toshy said: DAMN!!!
Can I lick icecream from Noriyuki's abs?? Just asking.
Really Noriyuki really?! Get a grip boy!!!
Wow someone taller than Noriyuki cool!
Hey just want to say I just fell in love with this webMANGA n' I want to read so MUCH more of it n' this just soooo good n' well done n' ya should be certified mangaka ya're awesome!!!
@yasha.queen: ya're totally right there!
@yasha.queen: It would be heartbreaking if he actually have say that there and then.
Azure Moses
January 24th, 2017
The man n' woman from the left side of the last panel... there's a story there but I just can't decide why it's they are trying to tell.
But I knda guess something like "honey, you have to taste this." "Um, dear. You know I am allergic to shrimp." "... ..., I said taste it" "Ok love!"