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Ahhh. This is SO flipping great!
I loooove it!
I wonder what's going on between Josh and Charles. There's definitely something we don't know about!
I can't wait for the luvin.. ;-;
I hope its.. ROUGH.
Not all like..- touches tenderly - " I love you Metis.. I always have..Lets make love " YUCK, Ew. Can't go like that. no way. >_>
Awww. I <3 this page!!
I know what Josh is doing..
He's trying to make May JEALOUS!
So he'll be all possessive like..;33
;-; IF only it were true..
Or maybe, when May's not looking.. Josh will jump him! ;O
Taha. I can dream can't I?
I ABSOLUTELY love how much you update, You're definitely my hero.
- Waits for the luvin she knows will soon enough beam from teh bois -
After waiting this long, it makes the first kiss so much more worth it. <333
Oh my. Is that.. regret I see?! >__<
Tehe. Poor, poor Josh.
Oh my goodness.
- Squeal -
The last panel.. is so adorable.
Oh my goodness.
How friggin cute!
I mean.. ;-; Waah - Cry - like cuuute.
Poor Metis, he's such a cutie.
I can definitely understand his point of view, and agree with him 100%
Aww. Cuuute. >_<
Metis' lips looks so.. kissable. o-o;
- Still waiting for legendary makeup smex. - <3
- Squee! -
>_< I can't wait to see what happens.
- Votes for smex - ;333