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I read, draw, listen to music, compose music, read online comics, edit stories, write poetry and wish to fly.
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Joey makes me so upset sometimes... like most crazy people >_< (Still love the story but I don't want Valentine to die T_T)
-el gaspe- I would buy a pair of my own if I could! they are soooooooooooo cute!
December 27th, 2008
-glomps onto this comic- I've missed jooooooooooooooooooooooo! -snuggles with the pretty pictures- Amazing as always!
Oh no... this makes me have bad feelings T_T
Yay! has to be one of the cutest pages in the story (not involving the kids that is :D)
El Gaspe! Oh noshers! I'ves gots a bad feelings!
*squeals in glee* Kick him again! In the same spot!
-Laughs- the last panel is great! Good job!
Jeebus I missed reading this comic, got to love the crazies. good job
Hmmmm, I like the look of the page, very interesting
Well I'm kind of an old/new reader. I began reading your comic quite awhile ago, fell behind and now I just caught up. I just wanted this comic is very well done (Even if it does have a few spelling errors) and it's very pleasing to see how much the story has developed and your art has bettered. Keep up the good work.

The style
I actually like the style of this page very much, it makes the moment seem much more sweet and special somehow, I love it
October 6th, 2008
Wonderful first panel
I remember having to cook for myself when i was little, the first few attempts became pets too....
Don't worry
Well I have been fallowing pretty much all your comics for awhile now and trust me when I say that through thick and thin, I am always willing to wait for your updates since I know that the final product is worth it. Just keep on having hope and faith in yourself and your art will eventually gain strength from it

--- From a practicing artist of 10 years, Crazed_artist
Scary O.O;;;;;
Creeeeeeepy kitty lady....
I am addicted to this comic from the beginning...this cliffhanger is killing me!!!
if you stop....
Love your comic but if you stop....hell will be brought upon your head! (but seriously don't stop, it's great)
Hmmmm, very interesting
Hmmm, I wonder how this will turn out...