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January 31st, 2015
Deer only school? :O
September 16th, 2014
I wonder what scared the sh*t out of him o.O
Noes! Juuuuuuune! :'C Please be okay, I don't want her to die as well! D;
Wow... Isaac looks like a puppy that got kicked only to get up and get kicked again... :C Still a very creepy face though. Like if I ever saw someone looking at me like that I might just die just there o.O

Also... FURST!
I think I see a piggy back ride incoming! ;O
*cough cough*... I would have done the same thing >.> I want to love Isaac I do! And I adored him b-but but but... I don't know D;
@Myung: "Tad" might be an understatement, I'm losing my respect for Isaac.

In the immortal words of the internet.

I. MUST. SEE. HIS. EYE. COLOR! I demand it! D:<
@Myung: Ikr?! Isaac's hips would make (Insert random female celebrity's name here) jealous!
Oh wow Isaac! Like wow! I used to respect you! >:C I've heard about "Do anything you must to keep the one you love" (Assuming that's a thing) but this... This is just... Another universe high madness! I mean! All you had to do is sway your hips from side to side and you'd have Simon in the palm of your hands! Not this sh*t! D:<
@Myung: I feel Isaac just wants Simon to love him :( Make it happen! D;
Wow... Isaac turned into such a b*tch D;

Oh well, let's see how this turns out! :D
Dat neck tho! ;D
Their hair! Their hair! How is it so large and purrty?! :O What kind of magic shampoo do they use? I must know! >:3
Not entirely sure if my eyes are deceiving me but is his nose leaking constantly? And why is that? :O
Knew it! Knew the lizard (is it a lizard?) Was the guy in the banner!!
Does he have a tiny scar on his lip? :O I see a light line going through his lip so, just wondering :P
Oh ouch, the writing on the last panel hurt my eyes like crazy o.O But poor Hya, It gets better! D; Unless the writer says otherwise :P
I'm not gonna lie, Simon looks cute without glasses, I mean he looked cute with glasses but he seems to look cuter without glasses. IMO :P

Also I might take a break from this comic, my poor little heart can't handle characters dying D; Poor Sarah T^T
For some reason I thought Fred was June ._. I'm an idiot. :C