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January 31st, 2015
Deer only school? :O
September 16th, 2014
I wonder what scared the sh*t out of him o.O
I think I see a piggy back ride incoming! ;O
I. MUST. SEE. HIS. EYE. COLOR! I demand it! D:<
Dat neck tho! ;D
Their hair! Their hair! How is it so large and purrty?! :O What kind of magic shampoo do they use? I must know! >:3
Not entirely sure if my eyes are deceiving me but is his nose leaking constantly? And why is that? :O
Knew it! Knew the lizard (is it a lizard?) Was the guy in the banner!!
Does he have a tiny scar on his lip? :O I see a light line going through his lip so, just wondering :P
Oh ouch, the writing on the last panel hurt my eyes like crazy o.O But poor Hya, It gets better! D; Unless the writer says otherwise :P
@*milk+assassin*: Lady parts are fine but that is some serious man fapping worth material over there. Like Jeeeeeyzusssss! The creators really wanted to add some fan service o.O XD
Your new icon scares me :'C But yay friends! <3
Darn! I wanted Derek to be with Alex :C
All the April Fools jokes! They're errywhere!... Atleast... I think this is an April Fools joke xD
That's... Terrifying... I LIKE IT! ;D GO Herz! Rip him to pieces!
Mmmmm someone asked for a Jura knuckle sandwich!
I'm suddenly hungry :C
Fish just blew my heart to pieces... That was way too adorable for me!!
Fk this! I choose Derek over Andrew! XD
I'm only a Sadist to other Sadists! ;D
I'd like to see how these bastards would take it if I sliced open their mouths like that >:C